Miscellaneous Snowboard Gear


When it comes to snowboarding, most people can remember the basics that they will need like a snowboard, bindings, a jacket and so on. But when it comes to the extras, many people forget smaller niceties, which is why we have our snowboard miscellaneous section here at Here are a few items that we offer in our snowboard miscellaneous section.


Banshee Bungee


The Banshee Bungee has taken the snowboarding world by storm. It is a device you can stretch out and use to pull out along and get up enough speed to hit jumps, rails, and whatever else you can think of. The banshee bungee is the perfect accessory for urban riding or simply backyard fun. No need to built drop in ramps or using a car to pull you (a dangerous idea in the first place), because with the Banshee Bungee you can fling yourself into features you never thought possible. All you need to do is adhere the Banshee Bungee to something that is sturdy, then have a friend or two help you stretch it out, then set up and go! If you’re worried that the bungee will rip you off your feet right at the go, let your mind rest because the Banshee Bungee will let you get a nice easy start and then allow you to pick up speed as you go.


Snowboard Locks


An unfortunate truth about snowboarding is that theft does take place. Like it or not, you should take extra measures to protect your gear. A snowboard lock is a great way to accomplish this. A snowboard lock is small, cheap and easy to use. And when it comes down to it, they can save you hundreds of dollars and a whole lot of hassle. Most snowboard locks have a retractable leash cable that you can loop around the snowboard, through your bindings and to a stationary object, to deter thieves. Some snowboard locks use a combination system while others use a key, which is right for you is up to your personal preference.


Belts and Wallets


Okay, it’s true, when you think about snowboarding, you don’t usually think about belts and wallets. But, low and behold, here they are! Snowboard pants tend to come in a baggier fit than regular snow pants, so what better way to hold up those pants than a snowboard belt. And while snowboard jackets and pants have a multitude of packets, you can never be too safe with your money. Pick up a wallet and keep your valuables safe while you shred.


Snowball Maker


Winter time is about more than just snowboarding… ok, maybe not. But it can be about snowball fights! And why bother with making snowballs the old fashioned way, when we have devices to make the perfect snowball for you. Annihilate your friends in a fight with one of our snowball makers, which can double as a snow slinger for extra distance when throwing.


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