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Rock It Out


March 12th, 2008



There’s a new technology that has hit the snowboard market recently and it has to do with camber. Well, actually it has to do with reverse-camber. This technology is going by a couple of different names in the industry, one being “Rocker” technology. The Rocker technology is a product of K2 and is being equipped on many of their boards, including the introduction of the K2 World Wide Weapon (WWW) Rocker. The WWW is presently available in its standard form, but next season will be available as the WWW Rocker as well.


K2 Rocker ConstructionYou may be asking “what is Rocker technology exactly?” Rocker technology was inspired, believe it or not, by the surfing industry. The purpose here is to create a board design that allows for maximum powder flotation. According to people we’ve contacted at K2, “camber is for groomers and Rocker is for powder.” This provides the rider with a board that rises to the surface in powder, or any condition for that matter.


Now as a girl who doesn’t typically ride men’s snowboards, I have to say that I had an absolute blast when testing this at recent testing events. The WWW Rocker is flat between the bindings, while the area from the bindings to the tip and tail respectively rises off the ground; similar to a rocking chair. The WWW Rocker was flexible like last year’s WWW but was much more fun with the Rocker technology added in. While shredding down the mountain, I found it virtually impossible to catch an edge and take a spill. Helicopter spins down the straight-aways of the mountain? Not a problem! For the more adventurous rider, the WWW Rocker is strongly recommended. Keep your eyes peeled for it this coming snowboard season.



Also, for a bit of additional insight into Rocker Technology, check out the following video.







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