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January 4th, 2010


New Years eve and New Years day are celebrated in many ways by all different groups of people across the world and in being such a wide celebration it’s hard to carve out a niche that can be unique. We at ditched the t.v. countdown, the over crowded bars and the insane parties for a small cabin in the woods where we would quietly celebrate amongst like minded boarders getting stoked on bringing in 2010 on the slopes the next day. To be honest we missed new years completely, we were 10 minutes early and 10 minutes late on our celebration due to mis-communication but nobody seemed to care.


Cruising the Chairlift


While many may have spent their night dancing and downing cocktails we spent the night making final adjustments to gear, tuning riding play-lists and talking strategy for the morning with maybe a few cocktails in the mix also. As I took a look around the cabin there were 2 people working on boards, one working on a pair of boots and one checking the map for the next day. Camaraderie was at an all time high as it was the first big group trip of the season and was proving to work out as planned.


As we awoke the next morning the cabin was a “buzz” with energy from the crews excitement to get some early runs in and an hour later than scheduled we hit the road. As we arrived the parking lot was not as full as we had expected but as we would find out it would fill out later in the day. The conditions were as perfect as you would hope to see in Northern Lower Michigan boarding with fresh snowfall from the night before and the sun was out but not overpowering the day. We took full advantage of being early and rode the backside of the mountain as it would close first, even getting fresh tracks in certain runs which can be rare. With a few of us on brand new boards the first couple runs were purely educational and full of fun as we tested and tried the new decks. The hill was a lot busier as the day progressed but we had a member of our crew who grew up as a local so we made our way around quite well and avoided some of the longer lift lines. After hitting the hill hard for several hours and with a few decent wrecks and a yard sale we decided to get back on the road and head to the cabin to nurse our wounds next to the fire.


Playing at the Bottom


The night once back was spent in the way most boarding trips end up, sipping some beverages in a warm cabin reminiscing on the days best lines, falls and favored runs with some decent stories being told in between. The camaraderie from the first night had only strengthened and there was no doubt that we had all spent our New Years in the exact way we had hoped for. We all knew this trip would be remembered for many years to come, heck, we may even have to make this a tradition! We hope you spent your New Years on the hill this year and would love to hear your story if you have one!


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