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Shaun White Falls Hard In Superpipe X Games 2010


February 2nd, 2010




We watched in horror as they replayed the Shaun White fall from winter X games superpipe practice, his head snapped back in a fury sending his helmet flying backwards and White came to a stop at the bottom of the pipe. With the slew of injuries surrounding the sport as of late there was immediate concern and a certain eeriness watching the fall as they played it over and over. A sigh of relief was felt when White did the signature “Shaun White” hair flip and got back up and rode to the bottom of the huge superpipe.


 Shaun White fall


White completed his last few practice runs calling it a “weird decision” but any snowboarder will tell you the biggest demon aside from letting the horse buck you is not getting back on the horse. Surely this was not the first hard fall Shaun White has dealt with in his career, knowing what had to be done White buckled down and got ready to tame the double mctwist 1260 demon that had bit him just moments before. White could be seen sporting a newly acquired red abrasion on his lower left cheek as he watched his fall while resting between practice and his first competition run.



All eyes were on Shaun White as the finals in Superpipe started and he did not disappoint. Shaun tamed the double mctwist 1260 demon and gave everyone a glimpse into the future progression of snowboarding by stomping his run. White was awarded the gold for his showing adding to his already impressive hardware collection. At a press conference after the event Shaun let everyone in on his new nickname, Shaun “Animal” White after the drummer of The Muppets. Well “Animal” it is, sounds fitting.


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