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Black Friday Preview
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Snowbasin to Offer Dinosaur Themed Snowboard Park for Kids


By Chris Gorski




Some children take to snowboarding with little issue and give it their all but Snowbasin is looking to offer a new feature that will make kids giddy with excitement to learn Snowbasinsnowboarding. The new dinosaur-themed park is slated to open Friday in the Ogden Canyon resort.


To add even more awesome to this event there will be Docents from The Natural History Museum of Utah to educate young children on dinosaur facts. Kids will also have the opportunity to touch and see dinosaur bones.


The Burton Dinosaur Riglet Park is going to offer opportunities for children as young as 3 to learn how to snowboard. Kids will learn snowboarding basics including balance, weight transfer, edging and freestyle maneuvers. Offering sculpted terrain including lava and mountains with Dino the Dinosaur and Terry the Triceratops.


The Burton Dinosaur Riglet Park is offering a great way for kids to get involved with snowboarding while learning more about dinosaurs. For more information head on over to Snowbasin’s website.

Burton Dinosaur Riglet Park

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