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What the Flex? Don’t Snowboard Bindings need to be stiff?


By Chris Gorski




The old adage of needing a stiff highback is somewhat going to the wayside and in some cases is going ALL the way to the wayside. Snowboarding is seeing a surge of new highback offerings including flexible highbacks and no backs… yup, no backs. Here we are going to cover some of the newest technology you will find with snowboard bindings and what you need to know when selecting a set of bindings with some of this new technology.


Urethane snowboard binding backs


There is a new type of snowboard bindings that are coming out and the highbacks of these bindings offer an almost completely bendable urethane highback. This new technology makes the bindings much more comfortable and will dampen vibrations and smooth out the ride. This new urethane binding technology is not only more comfortable but will offer enhanced durability as the materials will take to colder weather better and not get fragile when temps get frigid. Some of the bindings offering this technology are the Ride Revolt, Ride KS, Ride Maestro, Ride Dva, Burton Custom, K2 Yeah Yeah, K2 Hurrithane and K2 Cassette.


K2 Hurrithane Snowboard Bindings


No back snowboard bindings


Flow has a new binding out this season called the Freeballer which may sound kind of dirty but trust us this binding is clean. The Freeballer offers a no highback design which aims to give urban and freestyle riders comfort and freedom not found with any other snowboard binding on the market. The no highback design offers a non restrictive feel and will give riders the ability to recover when landing freestyle moves. If you are an urban freestyle snowboarder try the Flow Freeballer bindings and give yourself the freedom you deserve.


 Flow Freeballer Bindings


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