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Womens Snowboards

Womens snowboards are designed specifically for you! Men and women are built physically different so when it comes to physically active sports, especially snowboarding, you’ll want a womens snowboard.

A womens snowboard accommodates women’s feet size by offering narrower waists on the board and is designed for better control and easier flex than a mens snowboard.

But you’ll also want to ask yourself what kind of rider you are. Maybe you like spending your days in the terrain park? Or if you’re mountainside do you like playing in powder or carving into the groomers?

There are plenty of brands to choose from such as Rossignol, Ride, Salomon, and Burton, just to name a few, and they all offer a variety of graphics and construction for you to choose from.

When shopping for your next womens snowboard there is a lot to consider but don’t feel overwhelmed. The main points are listed below. So, check them out and we’ll see you on the mountain!

Experience Level:

Beginner – A beginner is generally someone who has only snowboarded a few times. If you’ve rented and are ready to buy your first snowboard you’ll probably want a soft and forgiving snowboard. These beginner boards will help boost confidence as you work at perfecting your turns and getting familiar with various mountain conditions.

Intermediate – As an intermediate rider, you’ll be able to ride down the mountain without falling. You’ve been at it for a while and you want an upgrade from your beginner snowboard. Perhaps a Womens Snowboard with some speed to it or some features that allow you to enjoy the terrain park a little more is what you’re looking for.

Advanced – You own the snowboard and by this I mean you control the board and you’re confident as you carve into the mountain or ride rails in the terrain park. As an advanced rider you know what you like to do and should be looking for a snowboard with the features that allow you to perform what you like at your best.

Recommended Use:

All-MountainAll-mountain womens snowboards are versatile and can get you anywhere on the mountain, including the terrain park However, they lack the features that many park riders like when spending time hitting the rails.

Freestyle – A freestyle womens snowboard is generally softer and spongier. These boards are made for your terrain park adventure. A Freestyle Snowboard is equipped with the features that allow you to hit rails, jumps, boxes and perform tricks more efficiently.

Types of Snowboards:

Traditional Camber Snowboards: When snowboards were first introduced they had an inverted U-shape so that if you were to late it flat on the ground it would look like a subtle upside-down U – the midsection of the board is slightly lifted off the ground. This became known as the traditional cambered snowboard which is a very responsive board with edge precision, and snap.

Rockered Snowboards: Take a traditional camber snowboard and reverse it. When you lay a rockered Snowboard flat on the ground you will notice that the tips of the snowboard are lifted up while the mid-section is touching the ground. This rockered design gives you more float on the powder as well as some forgiveness and playfulness.

Flat Camber Snowboards: A flat camber snowboard is a flat snowboard with the exception of the tips which are just slightly lifted. These womens snowboards are built for those interested in speed.

Hybrid Snowboards: Hybrid snowboards combine the various rockers to bring you a versatile snowboard. If you know what you’re looking for and have a way that you like to ride then Hybrid Womens Snowboards combine the best characteristics so you have your best ride.

From eye-popping graphics to subtle designs and a variety of features on every womens snowboard, you’ll find plenty to choose from and enjoy on Whether this is your first snowboard or you’re looking to upgrade, the Womens Snowboard category has a great selection for you to check out.

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