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Backcountry snowboarding is the ultimate way for enthusiasts to enjoy our sport. However, it can get extremely dangerous out there. That’s why you should always be prepared for the worst-case scenario when pursuing this aspect of snowboarding. Having all of the necessary backcountry gear could allow you to shred another day.


Types of Backcountry Snowboarding Gear


Floats: Backcountry floats are one of the most important pieces of avalanche safety gear available. Floats are basically airbags packed into a backpack. The backpack also doubles as a normal backcountry pack. They are durable and inflate rapidly with a pull of a cord. A deployed float will help you stay on the surface of the avalanche preventing you from getting buried too deep. We sincerely hope you never have to use this awesome piece backcountry gear, but we highly recommend you have it just in case.

Beacons: Backcountry beacons are extremely important to have on your expeditions in your collection of backcountry gear. Anything can happen out there and you surely do not want to be stuck helpless. Should something go wrong, stranding you on the mountain, activating a beacon allows rescuers or even your friends to locate you quickly. A group of backcountry riders with beacons can quickly locate one another in case of burials with this backcountry gear. This takes the guesswork out of your location enabling your buddies to locate and dig you out quickly.


Avalanche Probes:  Probes are an absolute must have as well when it comes to backcountry gear. Probes help rescuers search the avalanche area for the victim. If coupled with a beacon, rescue time can be cut greatly. Probes are used to find the depth of the buried rider by penetrating the slope at a 90 degree angle. Knowing the depth means rescuers will know how to dig a hole in the most efficient manner saving precious time.


Rescue shovel: Rescue shovels obviously have a major purpose: to save a buried rider. However, they can be a handy tool for other things such as building fun backcountry kickers. Backcountry shovels fold for portability and many backpacks come with a shovel carry loop for this backcountry gear. So you have no excuse not to have one.


Skins: Skins are a useful tool to provide grip and traction under your split board for your hikes. They will make it feel like you’re trekking uphill on a magic carpet. Skins can be cut to fit any sidecut to ensure you get the right fit with this backcountry gear. They also come with graphics for an aesthetic touch.


Other Stuff


There are plenty of other tools and gear for the backcountry besides rescue equipment. A portable saw could come in handy for a number of things including digging a snow pit to check the stability of the snow. There are backpacks made for backcountry excursions and water reservoirs to place inside one of these backpacks so you have a source of hydration. Take a look around, you can never have too many tools for the backcountry.


Backcountry riding can be highly rewarding. But it can also be very dangerous. Make sure you are well-prepared with the right backcountry gear.


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