Snowboard Bag Shopping Tips


When it comes to snowboarding, it’s very common for your shredding destination to be further away than you would like it to be. That’s why it’s important to have the right bags to transport your snowboard and gear to where you need to go. Here at we offer a variety of travel bags for snowboarding, like luggage bags, backpacks and perhaps most importantly, snowboard bags.


Your snowboard is most likely the most expensive piece of snowboard gear you own, so take care of it right while traveling with one of our snowboarding bags. The construction of these bags are built to last and to protect, typically using materials like 600D nylon or polyester, to protect your board from basic wear and tear while traveling. Although nylon isn’t the only material used for snowboard bags, it is one of the most common. The number that comes before the D tells you how durable that bag is, but it only applies to bags using nylon. The higher the number, the more durable the bag is.


There are three main types of snowboarding bags, sleeve bags, padded non-wheel bags, and padded wheeled bags. Sleeve style snowboard bags are the very basic type of bags, they are not padded and are best for traveling in a car, as you do not need so much padding if you’re just putting your board in your car. Padded non-wheel snowboard bags are better for airline travel, as your board may get thrown around more during this type of travel. Padded bags are sometime padded all the way around, only on the sides or only on the floor of the bag, it simply depends. But because of the extra padding and such, these snowboarding bags can get heavy. This is why we also offer padded snowboard bags with wheels, so you can drag your stuff around with minimal effort. These types of bags are also best for carrying multiple snowboards.


Many snowboarding bags also come with extra features to make traveling with your snowboard even more convenient. Some have extra pockets to store other gear like your goggles, gloves, clothes and whatever else you feel like storing. Snowboard bags often come with exterior and interior straps, exterior straps for carrying your bag around) and often times these straps are padded for extra comfort) and interior straps to hold your gear in place and stop it from shifting during your journey. Sometime you will even find exterior compression straps on the outside of some bags, to secure your gear even better.


There you have it, just a little info to make your purchasing decision easier when it comes to choosing from our snowboarding bags selection.


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