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Snowboard Boot Heater & Dryer Shopping Tips


Why Boot Heaters?


If your feet get cold easily and you find yourself going through pack after pack of foot warmers, investing in boot heaters is a great idea. There are plenty of boot heater options to fit any budget, but keep in mind that this is an investment. Warmer packs are great and all, but the cost does add up for riders who go through a ton. With boot heaters, you’re making a one-time purchase for a lifetime of warm feet on the mountain.


Typically, snowboard boots are made to be warm enough for most people without boot heaters. But as we all know very well, not everyone is created equal. Some of us ride much more and harder than the average weekend warrior and others just simply have feet that get cold easily. Also, women typically have colder extremities so all of you shred betties stand to greatly benefit from boot heaters.


Choosing a Boot Heater


There are plenty of snowboard boots on the market that come with liners pre-wired for boot heaters like Therm-ic models. If you aren’t on the market for new snowboard boots and your current pair is not pre-wired, fear not. Brands like Hotronic offer boot heaters with footbeds that you can place into any boot or even other footwear. Boot heaters offer multiple levels of warmth so they are totally customizable unlike foot and hand warmers. Some of the fancier boot heaters even come with a remote! Go ahead, give one a try. After all, warm feet equal happy feet which means more time to shred with the right set of boot heaters.


Choosing a Boot Dryer


We don’t know about you, but constantly searching for a spot to dry our gear on can be a major let-down. Fireplaces aren’t always available and heating vents just don’t do the trick sometimes. Plain and simple: riding with wet or even semi-wet gear sucks. Boot dryers are an excellent tool for riders that shred for consecutive days. Just set your boots up on the boot dryer during your down time and rest easy knowing you’ll have a bone dry pair of snowboard boots waiting for your next session. Boot dryers offer additional benefits: they double as great glove, helmet, or beanie dyers. All of us know how much of a bummer it can be to ride with wet gear so spoil yourself a little and pick up a boot dryer.


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