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Rome D.O.D – Finely Tuned Feel and Response
The D.O.D, AKA The Do Or Die, is a binding for must-make situations: sketchy roof gaps, exposed rock faces, pow-filled chutes, and last tries at the spot before the cops show-up. A freestyle friendly flex lets your lock into rails and spin off your toes, yet it is supportive enough to land whatever happens and slash pow. Armed with new tech, the next generation in park and all-mountain freestyle is here
Full Highback Rotation
This is the starting point for all customization packages. Rome believes snowboarders have a right to customize their bindings, and they particularly believe this about highback rotation. This is because highback rotation lets riders put their highback power exactly where they load up heelside response. This is technology you see on all Rome bindings.
PivotMount Technology
The Rome-only innovation that not only gives you choices of ankle strap support, but also makes strap placement super easy. The out-of-the-box setting is over the ankle for all-mountain performance. But why just go with one choice? With two quick turns of a screw, you can lower both sides for more tweakability, or raise both sides for more powerful response. Or adjust both sides independently for a custom asymmetrical response. This is toeside support adjustment made easy.
V-Rod Technology
V-Rod baseplate technology combines toe-to-heel power with side-to-side flexibility and is a key way we create Flex-With-Pop. A diagonal “rod” connects your two main input spots, running from your big toe to the outside corner of your heel. Then, opposing corners of the baseplate near the small toe and near the inside of your heel create side-to-side flexibility. To go with this optimal flex pattern, Rome’s V-Rod baseplates feature the industry-leading level of baseplate contact, as low as 1.56% in the Katana’s V-Rod Ultralight Baseplate.
Rome’s family of highbacks delivers different levels of support and flexibility. Many feature an asymmetrical profile the puts more power on the outside edge and more flexibility on the inside edge. Some emphasize power, while others emphasize more flexibility. Two of the new highbacks show Rome’s approach to highback design: the Targa’s PowerChord highback is a non-cored asym design that is geared up for max pop, and the D.O.D.’s AntiShock 2.0 has targeted flexibility.
Underwrap Heel Hoops
This is the foundational technology of the Rome binding line. From the Katana’s AsymWrap to the different levels of full UnderWrap, this is technology that defines that Rome signature feeling of power toe-to-heel and flexibility side-to-side. The UnderWrap design gives added leverage over your edges, while remaining torsionally flexible for tweakability and subtle board feel.
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