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ThirtyTwo builds the most advanced boots in the industry on thefoundation of key essential categories. Meticulously designed and crafted for any riding style – ThirtyTwo is fit for snowboarding.
Heat Moldable
Since 1996 every pair of ThirtyTwo liners have been built with Intuition Foam that can be 100% Heat Molded to your foot for a custom fit.
Elite Liner
The first snowboard boot liner that will never pack out! The injected energy Foam Elite Liner has smoother flex and increased durability. They’re vented, so they breathe, lined with super soft micro fleece, intuition J-Bars for heel hold, and of course the inside is crafted with the heat moldable Intuition Foam for a custom fit.
32 Repel
ThirtyTwo’s exterior treatment to fabrics, making them water repellant or hydrophobic. For 2018 Repel is used on the entire ThrityTwo outerwear collection and new transition apparel to prevent the outer layer of fabric from becoming saturated with water. This saturation called “wetting out” can reduce the garment’s breathability and let water through. Simply put 32 Repel causes water to bead up and roll off the fabric, keeping you dry and riding longer.
Transition Collection
Transition is ThrityTwo’s collection of rider driven apparel designed with 32 Repel treated rideable fabrics to create pieces that blur the line between technical outerwear and fashion. These are styles that can effortlessly take you from the snow to the street.
32 Point of View
As ThirtyTwo’s riders travel the globe chasing winter many of them document their adventures through photography. The 32 POV Series allows ThirtyTwo to showcase these images and continue their commitment to rider driven snowboarding.
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