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Burton snowboards have become the household name of snowboarding so much so that for even non-snowboarders it is an easily recognized name. What all started out in Jake Burtons barn in Southern Vermont has snowballed into the huge company you know today with a who’s who of professional riders and a plethora of quality high end snowboards, boots, bindings and much more. In the many years that Jake Burton has been producing Burton snowboards there have been ups and downs in the snowboarding industry but the one constant has always been the ability to rely on Burton for high end and quality boards, boots, bindings and accessories.

Burton Snowboards

The first Burton snowboard, the Burton Backhill, was built after over 100 other prototypes had been scratched by Jake Burton. It’s this attention to detail mixed with very high expectations that have pushed Burton snowboards past so many boundaries churning out top notch boards over the years. Over the years Burton has come up with many models of snowboards including fan favorites like the Custom, Twin, Blunt, Feather and many more. Burton has also done great work for kids in not only designing great kids Burton snowboards like the Chopper and Custom Small but they have also started up the Chill program to get more kids snowboarding.

In the recent years Burton has also introduced the Restricted series of snowboards, boots and bindings which you can find here at These Restricted models of Burton snowboards offer the great feel and function of a non-restricted Burton board but offer up different limited edition graphics and slight performance enhancements. Not found on display at all snowboard shops the Burton Restricted snowboards are definitely great for Burton aficionados or anyone looking to get something the masses won’t have.

Burton Snowboard Bindings

Burton snowboard bindings have come a long way since the original binding set up on the Burton Backhill. Burton snowboard bindings offer some of the lightest weight designs without sacrificing durability or feel to give the rider the best performance in the lightest weight package. Burton also has the market cornered when it comes to great toe strap technology with the Burton Capstrap system which cinches down the riders boot and gives a complete hold so the boarder gets the most energy transferred to the board. It’s these designs that make Burton snowboard bindings stand up above the rest.

Burton EST System

The Burton EST system on Burton snowboard bindings is a marriage between EST Burton snowboards and EST bindings. The EST set up is specifically designed to work together with board and bindings and offers riders the ability to set up any stance they wish and offers a truer flex than non-EST snowboard set ups. Burton snowboards with EST technology are sometimes also referred to as Burton channel boards.

Burton Snowboard Boots

Burton snowboard boots complete the package with comfort, stability and depending on the model either forgiveness or stiffness. A great new technology in Burton snowboard boots is the Total Comfort Construction which offers users a total broken in feeling with brand new boots. This eliminates the break in period which most snowboarders dread when it comes to new snowboard boots. Another new Burton snowboard boot technology is the Burton speed dial lacing system which works similar to the BOA system but offers a self locking system that saves time on the hill and offers a great comfort and performance oriented feel.

Burton Snowboard jackets, pants and street wear

Not only can you get the highest quality boards, boots and bindings from Burton but you can also get some of the most fashion forward technical outerwear as well. Burton made waves with the jean style snowboard pants in the 2010 Olympics which just goes to show you they know outerwear just as well as snowboards, boots and bindings.

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