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Gnu Snowboards

"Hand made by snowboarders with jobs" is their motto, and Gnu snowboards is one of the few left to represent this. Gnu's passion for quality and innovation can be seen in their groundbreaking technologies like magne-traction, Pickle and more which have changed the snowboarding industry. Whatever you're looking for Gnu snowboards will get any rider on a board they will love.

Gnu Magne-Traction Technology

Serrated edges on the boards give edge hold like you've never seen before. If you tend to encounter hard pack or ice, magne-traction is the technology for you. Their motto for this technology is "turns ice into powder" and that's exactly what it does. With magne-traction you will get 7 separate contact points to the edge meaning you have more of a chance to grip in poor conditions like ice or hardpacked snow giving you the best control possible in these situations. Great for beginners to advanced snowboarders this technology can help accelerate your boarding to the next level.

Gnu's Pickle Technology

Another popular technology for Gnu snowboards is the Pickle technology which has truly made a name for itself. The basic idea behind this technology is that your heels and your toes are different (duh), so why are both sides of your board the same? Seems like they should be catered to either your toes or your heels... Well Gnu has tackled this by making asymmetric sidecuts and construction to balance the different turning mechanisms required for heelside and toeside turns. This makes for all around easier and smoother riding leaving the rest of the snowboard world wondering... why hasn't anyone thought of this before?

Gnu snowboards made with love

Unheard of these days, but every Gnu snowboard is handmade by snowboarders in the USA. These boards are built with tough and impact resistant end grain sidewalls. The tips and tails of Gnu boards are ultra lightweight while still being durable and sturdy which reduces weight without sacrificing performance. Resilient steel edges are built along the contact areas of the board, but not the tip and tail, to provide more control but not weigh down the edges of your board.

Meet the Gnu snowboards team

Danny Kass, Forest Bailey, Barrett Christy, Temple Cummins, and the rest of the GNU team continue to set the standard for the many well know snowboard companies. Two time Olympic pipe silver medalist Danny Kass has added new C2 Banana Technology to his pro model. This technology is the perfect combination of camber at the tips and tails for pop while maintaining landing stability with Banana in between your feet gaining Danny float in powder and unreal carving on hard pack and ice. Once you ride a Gnu snowboard you will fully understand the reason they have built such a strong team that want to use their snowboards and equipment.

Now you know a bit more about the great technology found in Gnu snowboards and how they are made. Gnu has a firm belief in making snowboards by snowboarders for snowboarders and have built a solid following with this belief. Check out our selection of Gnu snowboards today and get shredding!

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