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Your snowboard excursions are awesome. We know it, you know it, so why not share them with the world? Well, now there’s an easy way to do so, with a helmet camera. True, videos of snowboarding have been around pretty much since snowboarding first started, but helmet cameras bring a whole new aspect to documenting your riding. Different angles are available to be seen, and filming yourself has never been easier with helmet cameras. And the best part? These cameras aren’t just for snowboarding, they can be used for any sport or just as a regular video camera.


Helmet cameras are true to their namesake, they can attach to your helmet to allow you to record your ride with little to no effort, leaving you unencumbered to rock what terrain you want. Many helmet cameras come with waterproof and shock resistant cases so you don’t have to worry about ruining your helmet camera while riding, no matter what the conditions are. But before you take your helmet camera out into the snow, be sure to check how weatherproof it truly is.


While a helmet camera can obviously attach to your helmet, there are other mounting options available as well. There are accessories you can purchase if you want to mount your helmet camera in another location, like your chest. So before purchasing a helmet camera, check what mounting options are available in the package that they come with and which mounting options you have to buy separately.


Different helmet cameras come with different functionality. You may be thinking that you want the best picture quality, but check what other features you may be missing out on if you get the highest quality pictures. Some helmet cameras have Bluetooth/WiFi built in so that you can check out your view of your helmet camera from your smartphone. Other cameras can track your speed, have GPS installed on them and allow for still pictures to be taken with them as well. Keep in mind that these additional features in helmet cameras will cost you extra. If you decide to go with a more basic helmet camera for now, you can always add on things like an LCD screen or WiFi later if you decide that they are important to you. For more information on the usability and features of helmet cameras check out our buying guide here.


One last thing you want to consider before buying one of our helmet cameras is if your computer can handle it. These helmet cameras are High Definition, something older computers can’t handle. You need an HD capable graphics card, memory space and a dual core processor in order to work with your helmet camera. Without these things, editing or viewing your helmet camera footage is going to be a difficult task. So check out our selection of helmet cameras today and start recording the action.


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