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Let’s talk about them. Man, woman or child, when you hit the mountain the snowboard jacket is going to be your first line of defense against the cold temperatures, howling winds and wintry precipitation. Where you ride, how often you snowboard and your riding style will all be factors when finding the perfect snowboard jacket.

First off, where are you snowboarding? If you live in Park City and you spend every possible moment on the mountain, your snowboard jacket should be extremely durable, and be able to handle a variety of conditions all winter long. If you snowboard on the local slopes in the Midwest states you might find a shell jacket more convenient.

An insulated snowboard jacket is made for those very cold conditions where you want heat trapped inside – you’re on top of the mountain where the winds blow very cold or you’re a nighttime rider. A shell is designed for the warmer weather and usually offers a waterproof shield and some comfort via its lining so that you’re at least comfy and dry. A shell type jacket will also allow you to add clothing layers underneath. On warm days you wear your baselayer and the shell, a cold front dips the temperatures close to zero and you can layer up. As your temperature fluctuates, you can remove under layers while still wearing the same shell to keep you dry.

Waterproofing - This is important for a snowboard jacket, more so than a ski jacket. Snowboarders tend to be on the ground more and tend to work up a little more sweat. Waterproof ratings will vary but the higher the number the more waterproof the jacket. This prevents moisture from seeping inside and chilling you down. Breathability is a factor closely related to Waterproofing. The same holds true with the higher the number the more breathable the Snowboard Jacket and the more breathable it is the more moisture can be removed away from your body so you stay dry and warm. Yes, your own sweat can be your own worst enemy.

Your snowboard jacket should provide you with some mobility in your movements too. A tight snowboard jacket might hinder your attempts at a new trick in the terrain park or when carving into the groomers. The fit of the jacket also adds to your style. Some snowboarders prefer baggy jackets, while others prefer the “rock and roll” look donning tighter fitting jackets and slim pants.

When it comes to women’s snowboard jackets you’ll still want to pay attention to the above but know that a women’s jacket is often a little more form fitting and slender to accommodate a woman’s figure. They also are much different than a jacket you might wear out on the weekends. There are plenty of women’s jackets though that can easily double as your go-to jacket of choice when hitting the town but there aren’t too many winter jackets that make a good snowboard jacket.

For kids snowboard jackets the above applies as well. They might have patterns and designs more kid-friendly and features that make zipping up and heading out easier. You’ll want to keep the jacket you buy for your child at their current size level. While you may usually consider a bigger size for growth, a Snowboard Jacket that is too big may actually make them colder and the snowboarding experience less enjoyable.

Take a look through the Snowboard Jackets category pages on and you’ll find an array of styles and designs that are right for you. Looking for the right snowboard jacket is more than just style though. Remember to check waterproof/breathability ratings, type and many other features to ensure that you are getting the right Snowboard Jacket for your next ride.

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