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K2 Snowboards

Some know it as the second highest mountain on the planet located on the border of China and Pakistan. But snowboarders know K2 as one of the leading, most high-quality brands of Snowboards that you can find on the mountain. K2 was founded over 50 years ago in Washington State’s Puget Sound on an island called Vashon. It was here that K2 founder Bill Kirschner developed the first fiberglass ski. Finding it much lighter than the wood and metal skis on the market, K2 located a distributor for their skis and manufactured 250 pairs in their first year. The following year, the order was upped 1600 pairs of K2 Skis. Since this time, K2 put their mark on the world boasting over 16 brands and 40+ consumer product categories. K2 ensures that they continue to be one of the leaders in the winter sports business by hiring sport enthusiasts who want to create a more unique and authentic sports lifestyle.

K2 snowboards

K2 sponsors some of the world’s leading athletes and their K2 snowboards can be seen on Olympic medal winners. K2 constantly strives for the latest in scientific and technological innovation so that the rider of their snowboards has some of the best rides of their lives. One of these innovations you’ll find on K2 snowboards is Harshmellow technology. Harshmellow is a vibration force field worked into the snowboard to ensure you are not getting the vibration and chatter while riding which gives you a smoother and overall safer and more satisfying ride. Harshmellow is a magical compound placed under the insert area where the bindings mount and reduce leg burn and rough landings while aiding in a smother more fun ride. Another great innovation on K2 snowboards is the Hybritaper which tapers the core of the snowboard in the tip and tail. What this does is give the snowboard a reduced swing weight giving the rider more control and ease of movement while still being stable. These are just a few of the great technologies found in K2 snowboards so grab one today and explore how these techs and more can help you get the most out of your riding.

K2 snowboard bindings and boots

K2 makes great snowboards but they also offer fantastic bindings and snowboard boots as well. Remember that great technology found in the snowboards? Harshmellow can be found in K2’s bindings and boots as well offering a soft absorption and vibration killing layer in the heel and forefoot minimizing rebound and softening landings. In select K2 snowboard bindings you will find Cinch technology which offers an easy in and easy out design where the highback of the bindings actually are able to be pulled backwards offering a slip in style while still being able to utilize a standard strap closure. Overall K2 snowboard bindings and boots follow the great tech and design in their snowboards offering fantastic fit, feel and performance that will have you wanting a complete K2 set up.

K2 snowboard packages

So now that you know of all the great technology in K2 snowboards, bindings and boots you might want to grab a complete K2 set up. We are here to help as we offer several complete K2 snowboard packages and the great thing is you get a discount by purchasing in a package. These K2 snowboard packages are sure to take your snowboarding to the next level making you question why you didn’t go K2 before! From Olympic gold to personal moments of mountain solitude, K2 has been there from drop in to final turn. Throughout 50 years of building, branding and believing, K2 has maintained an iconic identity, one of innovation and serious fun. The only thing looking better than K2 snowboard gear is what has yet to come from the pioneering company in years to come.

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