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Kids Long Underwear Shopping Tips


Kids always feel warm on those cold snowy days – even when parents don’t agree. When they are protected with the coverage of long underwear, they really are warmer. Long underwear and layering can make or break your kids outdoor experience with unexpected weather conditions. The purpose of kids long underwear is twofold. This underwear is designed to wick sweat and moisture away from your skin and it insulate, the combination of both is important. Depending on how intense your kid is about snowboarding will determine what factors are important for your long underwear, either wicking or insulating becomes the primary goal.


Choosing a Weight


There are three different weights of long underwear; lightweight, midweight, and heavyweight. The purpose of lightweight underwear is almost strictly to wick moisture away from your skin. Midweight long underwear both wicks and insulates. Heavyweight long underwear is primarily designed to provide greater insulation, but it also manages moisture. Kids long underwear has a multitude of fabrics to choose from and choices of material thickness and fit to suit your kids personal needs when it comes to enjoying the winter outdoors. Made from materials such as wool (which is now made soft and non itchy) provides great insulation, moisture management, it’s incredibly durable, and mostly odor-resistant. Odor control becomes very important after a long day of shredding the hill, ask any parent. Beware of long underwear made from cotton fabric – it sounds soft but it doesn’t hold all the warmth and insulation qualities of other fabrics. Cotton will absorb sweat and not dry out, making your kid colder and feeling weighed down by the wet cotton. Read your materials and labels, and when you find the layering that works for your kid – stick with it. Staying warm, dry and comfortable can save the day when snowboarding with the perfect pair of long underwear.


Be up to date on the newest arrivals in snow apparel, although read all the fine print and rely on what works best for your kid. Long underwear provides warmth, softness and comfort nearest to your kids body to seal in the heat and keep the cold out. Find the optimal balance between kids long underwear and kids snowboard outerwear with the factors to keep them warm without adding too much weight or bulk. Your kid needs to be prepared for their amazing snowboarding experience in warmth and comfort with the right pair of long underwear.


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