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Kids Snowboard Clothing Shopping Tips


When it comes to snowboarding for kids, hard goods are important but if they’re not comfortable in their kids snowboard clothing, they won’t last long out on the hill. The key here is to make sure your kid stays warm and dry in their kids snowboard clothing. Keep in mind that kids spend a lot of time on their butts or knees when learning how to snowboard, so waterproofing is a must. You also will want to find a kids snowboard jacket and pants with at least some insulation for the younger ones so they don’t get cold, but the best system for keeping your kids comfortable is the layering system for kids snowboard clothing. The three main components of kids snowboard clothing are a kids snowboard base layer that fits snuggly and wicks away moisture, a kids snowboard mid layer that they can take off if they work up a sweat, and a kids snowboard outer layer consisting of a jacket and pants that is waterproof but breathable to keep them warm and dry.


Waterproofing and Breathability


Waterproofing and breathability are important factors to consider when selecting kids snowboard clothing. Waterproof ratings and breathability ratings both work on a scale where the higher the number, the better the kids snowboard clothing will repel water while still allowing for moisture inside the jacket to eascape, keeping your kids warm, dry and comfortable while snowboarding. Keep in mind that when learning how to snowboard, kids spend a lot of time on the ground, making them wetter if their kids snowboard clothing isn’t waterproof enough.


Buying the Proper Size


When buying kids snowboard clothing it is common to want to buy the snowboard clothing a size bigger so your kids will grow into them. This is not a good idea for a couple of reasons. First, bigger kids snowboard clothing will hinder your child’s ability to move freely. It will also not keep them as warm because big kids snowboard clothing allows more heat to escape. And many brands of kids snowboard clothing now come incorporated with systems that allow the clothing to grow with your kid by putting in extra seams you can let out when your child gets bigger and will add around an inch of extra room for your kids to grow with their kids snowboard jacket or pants. If you’re not sure what size your kid is, check out our size charts to find out different sizes for different brands.


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