Kids Snowboard Gloves and Mittens


Kids snowboarding gloves and mittens are the coolest in design and style. The colors and graphics of these snowboard gloves and mittens offer a way to personalize the look, which as a snowboarder there is a certain “coolness factor” that riders exude. The casual “anything goes” comfortable wear that a snowboarder wears reeks smoothness to their stride and when they add totally awesome gloves, mittens and a hat it completes their statement. When riding the hill there is a good chance of your kids getting their hands wet and cold, be prepared for your kid to have the ride of their life while staying warm and dry with some kids snowboard gloves and mittens. Waterproof, breathable and insulation make for a good balance of protection in kids snowboarding gloves and mittens. Padding on the palm of snowboard gloves and mittens protects a well used area, adjustments around wrist keep out unwanted cold air, longer lengths up the arm keep in warmth, dexterity provides flexibility and kids snowboard mittens are the best option for colder temperatures. Make sure that your kids snowboard gloves or mittens are durable and will last throughout the season. Pick, choose or select the perfect gloves or mittens to suit your kids wants and needs.


Proper Sizing


Make sure your children are wearing kids snowboarding gloves or mittens during the harsh cold winter months, keeping the extremities warm helps keep the body warm. Purchasing kids snowboard gloves or mittens that the kids are able to put on and take off without struggling to squeeze their hands in and that they don't slide off when they wave will be the correct fit and right gloves or mittens. Fingers should extend far enough to control movement and grip in the entire glove or mitten and have some wiggle room.


Choosing the Correct Glove or Mitten


Since the cold weather months draw kids outdoors to have fun in the snow, you need to hook them up with warmth and comfort so they can endure the cold temps – although we need to remind them to take precautionary measures with the right pair of gloves or mittens. Consider the weather conditions for their best coverage, synthetic materials like Thinsulate and Gore tex deal with warmth and dryness, wool, cotton, acrylic and polyester all offer amazing coverage in kids snowboard gloves and mittens. Fit, shape and size embrace the hand properly, adjustments keep unwanted cold air out and pick kids snowboarding gloves that are cool, funny or cute and hooks up with your jacket – so they don’t get lost. Many kids snowboard gloves and mittens come with extra features like snot wipes on the thumbs for added usability. Filter your needs and wants to personalize your gloves or mittens that suit their best interest. If you're having trouble find the right pair of gloves or mittens, feel free to contact our Customer Service team and let them assist you in finding the perfect pair for your little grom.


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