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Kids Snowboard Pant Shopping Tips


Kids snowboard pants are specifically designed outdoor pants that have special features and necessities. By filtering through the category of needs and wants you can create your personally designed kids snowboarding pants for the kid in your life. The right snowboard pants will have functions, features and fashion. Being prepared with the perfect pair of kid snowboard pants that will support your kids ability to take snowboarding to the next level.


The main purpose of snowboarding pants is to keep them warm, dry, comfortable, and well protected against bumps, scrapes, and other outside forces. They mostly combines two or three layers within the Three Layer System into one piece of snowboarding apparel. A good pair of kids snowboard pants will have a waterproof but breathable outer shell with a thin efficient insulation layer. This insulation layer will most often be moisture wicking keeping your kid dry and comfortable. In warmer snowboarding conditions, your kid could choose to only wear snowboard pants and in colder conditions, they will most likely want to wear a base layer bottom underneath their snowboarding pants. In extreme conditions, they could go for all three layers by wearing an extra insulation layer between the base layer bottoms and snowboard pants. They will be protected and will be able to handle extreme unexpected weather conditions that may arise with a good pair of kids snowboard pants.


Zip venting with mesh insert and even air flow is essential for superb comfort levels in kids snowboard pants. Also, try to make sure there is little to no restriction in your kids pants, making it possible for them to maintain their stride and mobility to stay strong and true to snowboarding. There are kids snowboard pants with bibs, which are a type of pants for the powder rider who would like to keep the snow out of the places it should not be or to hold up the pants better. Some bib pants will have a zipper to remove the top part of the bib to convert them into regular snowboard pants. With layering and venting you will always be able to have the best kids snowboard pants ever!


Kids snowboard pants are usually roomy and designed to be looser than the common ski pants. This is done to allow greater freedom of movement especially for snowboarding tricks like spins and jumps. Kids snowboarding pants also tend to have less insulation in them because snowboarding tends to generate more body heat due to the constant motion of getting up and down off your seat while riding. Be sure your selection in kids snowboard pants will keep your kid warm, while making sure they don’t overheat while shredding.


Snowboarding is a sport where many snowboarders are more interested in being a steezy than in being comfortable and well protected in their kids snowboard pants, but you can have it all. Pick, choose and select choices in brand, style, features, padding and function as you combine your personal touch for your kids snowboard pants.


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