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Different Types of Rocker Snowboards


November 22nd, 2010



You can’t walk into a shop or check out a site these days without hearing about rocker snowboards. You may have heard that rocker is good for beginners, or that rocker helps you float in powder, or even that rocker snowboards make for good jib boards. So is it really applicable for all types of riding? Does the technology differ for different brands? The answer to both of these questions is yes, and here at our goal is to make sense of the mess so you don’t have to! The fact is that within the last few years every brand has created their own take on rocker, what it should do, and how it does it. Some brands even have 4 or 5 different types of rocker themselves. Because of this, we felt that it would be helpful to write an article featuring all of the types of rocker featured on the rocker snowboards that we carry. All diagrams and descriptions, from all of our brands, in one location for your viewing pleasure to enjoy and compare!


Please keep in mind that this article is for those seeking additional information about the rocker options available. If you are simply looking for basic information on what rocker is, check out our reverse camber article.


Flow Rocker Options
Forum Rocker Options
Libtech and Gnu Rocker Options
K2 Rocker Options
Ride Rocker Options
Rome Rocker Options
Rossignol Rocker Options
Salomon Rocker Options




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Burton Rocker Snowboard Options



Burton EZV –


Get right to the good times with Burton’s new EZ V. Catch-free and forgiving, rocker combines with the effortless edge control of a slightly tapered shape for more float, fun and all-around easiness regardless of terrain or condition. EZ V Rocker available in the Burton Bullet, Genie, Feather and TWC Standard.


Burton EZ V Rocker



Burton V Rocker –


Rocker between your feet and in front of your feet towards the tip and tail creates catch-free playfulness and improved float from peak to park. Frostbite edges enhance power and grip, balancing the board’s overall loose and forgiving feel. V-rocker available in the Burton Blunt, Whammy Bar, Nug and Joystick.


Burton V Rocker



Burton Flying V –


Take flight with V-Rocker’s next evolution. A premium blend of camber and rocker performance, Flying V offers the best of both worlds overall, including rocker between and outside your feet, enhancing playfulness and float through pow. Underneath your feet, subtle camber zone combine with frostbite edges, EGD, and the The Channel to focus edge-control for crisp snap, added pop and power through turns.  Flying V Rocker available on the Burton Custom Flying V and the Process Flying V.


Burton Flying V



Burton S Rocker –


Speed and float are your friends, and that’s what S Rocker is all about. Entry rocker extends from the nose to under your front foot, then transitions to camber between your feet. Compressing the camber under your back foot causes the entry rocker to naturally lift the nose, thus improving float while maintaining momentum and stability through deep driving pow turns and variable conditions.


Burton S Rocker



Flow Rocker Snowboard Options



Flow EZ-Rock –


Flow’s new EZ-Rock is perfect for the rail yard or the entry level rider who wants stability and a surfy feel without feeling off balance. With a reverse camber and a mellow convex base between your feet, you get better jibbing performance and reduce catching an edge, mixed with a mellow camber under the feet to a flat shape up near the nose and tail for added stability and pop. Available on the Flow MERC and Venus.


Flow EZ Rock



Forum Rocker Snowboard Options



Forum Chillydog –


The original award winning continuous rocker technology, Chillydog  creates a forgiving ride that eliminates edge catching on takeoffs and makes landing in pow a piece of cake. The softer nose and tail get up and over pow or chunder, while the dialed flex between the feet keep things stable. Based on the contour of one bad-ass circle, this continuous rocker maintains a constant arc underfoot for stability and predictability. Delicious. Available on the Forum Scallywag and Manual.


Forum Chillydog



Libtech and Gnu Rocker Snowboard Options



Banana Technology –


Banana Tech lets you stomp your rocker flat, giving you full tip to tail edge contact, board control and pop. Naturally pre-bent rockered mid-section gives you carving and ice biting edgehold. Firm tip and tails add pop, stability and float easily in powder. Banana technology available on the GNU B-Nice, Carbon Credit, Park Pickle and Girls Park Pickle. Also Available on the Lib Technologies Skate Banana.


Lib Tech and Gnu Banana Technology



C2 Power Banana –


C2 Power Banana is designed for aggressive all terrain freestyle riders and features Banana Tech rocker between your feet combined with camber at each end of the board. This Banana-Camber combination offers the best features of Banana Tech…float in powder in both directions, carving on hardpack and ice and a catch-free freestyle performance with the best features of camber…end-to-end stability, and extra pop for strong aggressive riders. C2 Power Banana Tech is perfect for aggressive freestyle riders who demand pop, power and tip-to-tail stability for critical lines, landings and takeoffs. C2 Power Banana available in the Lib Technologies Phoenix Jamie.  It is also available in the Gnu Riders Choice, Eco Genetics, Impossible Asym Sym Sync Pickle and the Ladies Choice.


Lib Tech C2 Power Banana



K2 Rocker Snowboard Options



K2 Catch Free –


Fun and Forgiving. By bringing the contact points out of the snow, turns happen before the edge bites and – voila! – no catch. This small amount of rocker results in more confidence throughout the learning curve and unlocks faster progression on all terrain. Catch Free rocker is available on the K2 Brigade and Illusion.


K2 Catch Free Rocker



K2 All Terrain Rocker –


Designed for use throughout the mountain, All Terrain Rocker allows for effortless turns on hardpack but also provides ample float in softer snow and crud. A setback stance and medium rise through the tip and a lower rise in the tail defines this multipurpose freerider. All Terrain Rocker available on the K2 Eco Lite, Bright Lite, Raygun and Turbo Dream.


K2 All Terrain Rocker



K2 Jib Rocker –


Jib Rocker is a versatile twin rocker built to dominate the park. Just enough rise in the tip and tail to create a loose, buttery feel on all types of terrain. Contact points stay well off the snow until engaged – eliminating edge hook while maintaining fun pop. Jib Rocker available on the K2 Lime Lite and WWW.


K2 Jib Rocker



K2 Powder Rocker –


Powder Rocker delivers the most rocker for the most snow – enabling you to float through anything while still maintaining a high-level of performance on groomed terrain. A stiffer nose and tail ensure stability like no other in an maneuverable and lively package.


K2 Powder Rocker



K2 Flatline Technology –


K2 released Flatline Technology last season to much industry fanfare, taking top honors in five magazine categories. Designed by K2’s International Pro Team and proven through multiple awards, Flatline is setting the new Baseline standard, promoting a supremely balanced, smooth ride for snowboarders of all abilities. Editors, testers, and shop kids everywhere low Flatline’s stable, preloaded vibe. Chances you will too. Flatline Technology available on the K2 Slayblade, Happy Hour, Wolfpack and Sky Lite.


K2 Flatline Rocker



Ride Rocker Snowboard Options



Ride HighRize –


Shaped exclusively to rise above the deep stuff, HighRize lets you float in pow with minimal effort. Slightly higher rocker in the front floats and plows through it all and it’s twinish shape adds versatility for riding switch or slashing groomers.


Ride HighRize Rocker


Ride Hybrid ProRize –


Offering primo response, pop, and landing stability, this unique twin shape provides the best of both the rocker and camber worlds. Hybrid ProRize  combines the surfy feel of rocker with the hard charging pop you get from traditional camber. It’s accomplished by featuring micro-rocker in the tip and tail to maintain a fun, surfy, hook-free feel and with a level microl-camber zone between the feet to maintain snap and amplify the pop factor.  Hybrid ProRize available on the Ride OMG and DH2.


Ride Hybrid ProRize



Ride Lowpro –


LowRize in the front, ProRize in the back. Loose fun and effortless in the tip with grip, pop and stability in the tail. Sit back and cruise or charge it all. Truly superior for everything the mountain has to offer. Lowpro available on the Ride Antic and Promise.


Ride LowPro Rocker



Ride LowRize –


With a nearly flat profile between the feet, the rocker begins at the extended blend zone to lift the contact points out of the snow just enough to give you the ultimate hook-free, smooth ride without sacrificing pop when hitting the park. Lowrize available on the Ride Canvas, Crush, Machete, and Rapture.


Ride LowRize Rocker


Ride ProRize –


Demanded by our pro’s and designed for competition, this new shape has a long, stable flat zone for landing stability and pop. Built for going big and locking in landings without fear of rocker washout. ProRize available on the Ride Buck Wild and Kink.


Ride ProRize Rocker



Rome Rocker Snowboard Options



Rome Reverse MTN Pop Camber –


For those riders who like the best of both worlds; reverse camber between the feet keep it loose, playful and floaty, while positive camber in the nose and tail deliver a ton of pop and plenty of back bone. Reverse MTN Pop available on the Agent Rocker and Factory Rocker.


Rome Reverse MTN Pop



Rome Reverse Free Camber –


For those riders who like running park laps as much as they like shredding pow lines; reverse camber extends just beyond the inserts with straight camber in the nose and tail for a board that floats, butters carves and jibs. Reverse Free camber available on the Rome Garage Rocker.


Rome Reverse Free Camber



Rome Reverse Jib –


For those riders who prefer the park even on pow days; a flat profile between the feet and reverse camber from the inserts to contact points for a board that takes pressing to a new level, and delivers locked-on balance between the feet on rails.


Rome Reverse Jib



Rossignol Rocker Snowboard Options



Rossignol Amptek –


Amptek blends positive camber between the feet and early rise from the feet to the tips, resulting in mind-blowing performance in all conditions from the finest park to the deepest pow. Amptek’s for everyone, regardless or skill or style and is hands down the most versatile and beficial technology available. Amptek available on the Rossignol Angus and Tesla.


Rossignol Amptek



Salomon Rocker Snowboard Options



Salomon Pres-sure –


WHAT: Pure reverse camber with regular kicks. WHERE: Backyard presses, rails and jumps. WHY: Makes tricks like nose presses super easy to learn. Full rocker “pre-loads” your turns for you so that the early stages of a turn or spin are already done. Pres-sure is available on the Salomon Drift and Oh Yeah.


Salomon Pres-sure Rocker

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