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Snowboarding Trick Tips | How to Jib


Jibbing refers to a fairly grand amount of tricks mostly influenced from skateboarding. Jibbing can be anything from tapping a trash can to tail pressing on flat ground. Here we are going to give our trick tip for general jibbing and what you need to do to perform a successful jib.


  • Step 1


If you’ve never jibbed before practice performing an ollie on flat ground. Doing this will prepare you to jib your desired object.


Jibbing a Snowboard Step 1



  • Step 2


Check the area where you will be jibbing; ensure there is not debris on the ground, branches in the way and make sure that the landing is clean and will allow an easy and safe ride-away.


Jibbing a Snowboard Step 2



  • Step 3


Perform some speed checks riding by the obstacle to ensure you have the proper speed and bearings when you are ready to jib.


Jibbing a Snowboard Step 3


  • Step 4


From as far away as you were doing speed checks take off and prepare to perform your trick. As you ride up make sure you have your balance and are prepared to commit to the trick.


Jibbing a Snowboard Step 4



  • Step 5


Ollie up and hit or tap your desired obstacle. Jibbing is a creative trick so there really is no right or wrong way to perform your trick so attempt something different every time if you feel like. If you fall, dust yourself off and give it another try.


Jibbing a Snowboard Step 5



  • Step 6


Spot your landing and maintain your balance while you ride away.


Jibbing a Snowboard Step 6

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