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Snowboard Bag Buying Guide



By Steve Kopitz


If you frequently travel to snowboard destinations or spend a weekend somewhere locally shredding, a proper snowboard bag is an essential piece of gear. One of the biggest concerns when traveling with snowboard equipment is the protection. A properly padded board bag is crucial to ensuring that your snowboard gear is kept safe. If you are only looking for a bag to go to and from your local hill, padding is not necessary and can cut your costs. Whatever your needs/wants, there is a snowboard bag for you.


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Types of Snowboard Bags


Snowboard bags generally come in three varieties.


Sleeve – Snowboard Sleeves are your basic board bags. Sleeves are minimalistic and do Fully Padded Snowboard Bagnot offer padding. Sleeves are best for those who drive to their shred destinations as padding is unnecessary for this type of travel. Sleeves are also your cheapest option, but keep in mind that most sleeves can only fit one snowboard.


Padded (non-wheel) – Padded snowboard bags without wheels is the most popular type amongst traveling riders. Padded snowboard bags offer various levels of padding from fully padded to just padded on the floor of the bag. Padded snowboard bags come in single or multiple board carry options. Padded bags are highly recommended if you’re traveling by air or bus as they offer protection from other cargo and bag people. The drawback is that they can get quite heavy depending on how you pack and because of the lack of wheels, you have to carry this weight on your shoulders.


Padded (wheeled) – Wheeled snowboard bags are great for those who travel a lot and bring multiple boards along with them. Most padded wheel bags will be fully padded and have room for multiple boards. Some will even include boot bags that fit inside. Padded wheel bags usually offer a lot of packing space and you can typically fit all of your snowboard gear into it. The major downside is that they tend to be heavy and bulky so they are impractical to bring along to the mountain and are easy to overpack exceeding the airline limit. The benefit is that you have wheels to cart it around.


Snowboard Bag Construction


Snowboard bags come in a wide variety of constructions. There’s no need to wrack your head over this as the vast majority of snowboard bags are constructed from durable materials like 600D nylon. Just a general rule of thumb, the higher the number before the “D”, the more durable it will be. Some do not have this count as they aren’t made from material like Nylon, but are still constructed with durable materials. Snowboard bags aren’t like your school backpacks. They are built for durability.




Interior Gear Straps: Some non-wheeled padded bags and almost all wheeled padded bags come with an internal gear strap. These are usually nylon straps that lock your gear into place preventing them from jostling around.


Exterior Compression Straps: Some snowboard bags, particularly the wheeled padded variety, come with exterior straps made out of nylon. These straps are found on both ends of the bag and can be fastened and tightened to secure your gear inside.


Padded Straps: Padded straps are common on padded snowboard bags, but are uncommon on sleeves. Padded straps offer you comfort when you carry your bag on your shoulders. Padded handle straps are great as well for those times you need to carry your bag by hand.


Pockets: The more the better we say. More pockets means more places to store your essentials. Pockets for socks, goggles, layers, gloves, etc... Get our drift?


There you have it, the low-down on snowboard bags. Hopefully we just made your purchasing decision a little easier.



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