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Lib Tech Snowboards

Lib Tech Snowboards is an innovative American manufacturer of some of the newest and sickest boards out there. Lib Tech snowboards has been making boards for over 25 years. From the very beginning, Lib Tech has been an environmentally conscious company. But being environmentally friendly has not stopped Lib Tech from furthering tech on their snowboards bringing us many top technologies in snowboarding including Banana technology and Magne-Traction. Overall Lib Tech snowboards are well known in the snowboarding industry for all the right reasons.

Going green with Lib Tech snowboards

Lib Tech uses non-petroleum based bio-plastics made from the mighty castor bean. They give you all the fun of beans without the gas! Lib Tech snowboards also uses soy-based elastomer sidewalls instead of ABS and renewable forest products for their cores. All the technology going into Lib Tech boards has been given the green go ahead but what about any leftover materials? Well, worry not because Lib Tech recycles any and all unused wood, plastic, cardboard or paper. It is this great concern for the environment that keeps Lib's founders Mike Olson and Pete Saari on the frontlines of the green movement ensuring they are always doing all they can.

The list of Lib Tech snowboards' environmentally friendly contributions goes on and on but you can rest assured you are riding an environmentally friendly snowboard when riding a Lib Tech.

Top tech found on Lib Tech snowboards

Magne-Traction- Lib Tech started moving away from the long, smoothly curving sidewall and edge seen in your everyday boards and created Magne-Traction - a seven bump design in the sidewall to help with edge control and power. These seven bumps essentially break the edge into 7 sections giving you 7 times the chance of gripping an edge when you need it the most. Lib Tech snowboards with Magne-Traction offer tremendous grip in all situations and park boarders love them because the edge still performs when de-tuned for rails and park features.

Banana Technology- Lib Tech also utilizes their Banana Technology (BTX) which throws the whole camber theory out the window. Lib Tech reverses the camber between the rider's feet seen in traditional boards and arc downward which again offers awesome edge pressure and makes jibs and rails easier to manipulate and makes those landings a little more forgiving. Lib Tech's BTX boards employ a rocker between the bindings along with their Magne-Traction sidecuts. BTX allows for a catch-free ride shoving more fun in your face. Lib Tech snowboards featuring banana technology will work great in all conditions but will excel in powder, park, jibbing and all around FUN!

Lib Tech's newest design is the EC2 camber. It is an evolution of their C2 camber which adds a camber section underfoot to their BTX shapes.

Lib Tech snowboards are made by snowboarders with jobs!

Lib Tech snowboards employs a crew of "Kraftsmen" who handcraft each Lib Tech snowboard. That means each and every Lib Tech snowboard gets a lot of love. This is why Lib Tech is consistently on the top of all types of gear charts. It is these Kratsmen that help to get all the awesome Lib Tech technology like Magne-Traction into their snowboards.

Lib Tech snowboards have an awesome reputation for being some of the best out there, so check our selection of Lib tech snowboards and see what the hype is all about.

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