Mens Snowboard Glove and Mitten Shopping Tips


One of the first parts of your body that tends to get cold while out shredding is your fingers and hands. The best way to avoid numb fingers and frozen hands is a good pair of mens snowboard gloves. But there are so many options, which snowboarding gloves are right for you? Well, here are a few tips and things to look for when selecting mens snowboard gloves that should help you make an informed choice.


Waterproofing and Breathability


The main components of mens snowboarding gloves that make them so valuable are their waterproofing and breathability capacities. If you’ve ever been snowboarding before, you know that wet, cold hands are no fun at all, and your gloves will not dry out on the hill once wet. When it comes to waterproofing, keep in mind that you’re not just protecting yourself against snow falling or cold conditions, but in warmer conditions, the snow will start to melt and seep into your gloves if they don’t have proper waterproofing abilities. But breathability is just as important because as you ride throughout the day, your hands will generate sweat and you want to make sure that the moisture you create moves away from your skin to the outside of the glove. This is where breathability comes into play, keeping your hands dry from the inside of your snowboard gloves to the outside.


Choosing a Glove or Mitten


There are a few factors to look at when choosing your mens snowboard gloves which relies mostly on the type of snowboarding you will be doing and the conditions you will be riding in. The first of these are the insulation level. There are gloves with maximum insulation and those with practically none at all. If you will be riding during warmer conditions, you may want to check out gloves with little insulation, and vice versa. Also, take a look at cuff length before picking your mens snowboarding gloves. Cuff lengths are usually long or short. Longer cuffs are meant to go over the cuff of your jacket, to keep out snow, making this style of mens snowboard gloves better for backcountry or powder riding. Shorter cuff lengths go under your jacket cuff and offer better mobility around your wrists, which make them better for park and pipe riding.


Features to Look For


Many snowboarding gloves offer extra features for your comfort and enjoyment. Some mens snowboard gloves have zipper pockets on them, while other have soft areas of material on the thumbs for wiping those drippy noses you inevitably get while riding. There are gloves with reinforced areas on them that get the most wear and tear, like the palms, for lasting durability. And some mens snowboard gloves come with a squeegee on the thumb to help you wipe off your goggles, but be sure you never wipe the inside of your goggles.


Mittens Anyone?


If you have a tendency to get cold fingers, no matter what the temperature outside is, you may want to look into mens snowboard mittens. Mittens will keep your fingers warmer because they share a compartment inside the mitten, but you do lose some mobility in your hands with them. Whether mens snowboard mittens or mens snowboard gloves are going to be a better fit for you is mostly up personal preference. Check out our selection of snowboarding gloves and mittens today and find the right pair for you.


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