Perhaps the most important mens snowboard apparel you need is your outerwear. This includes mens snowboarding pants, a critical component of your outerwear. Keep in mind that the main objectives of your snowboarding pants are to keep you warm and dry. There are two main types of pants to consider while keeping this in mind, either mens shell snowboard pants or mens insulated snowboard pants. The key difference here is insulation versus no insulation. Deciding which pants are right for you will depend on what type of conditions you are riding in and how warm you tend to get while riding.

Colder conditions will dictate that you will want some insulation on your pants, but keep in mind that you can always layer up underneath shell pants to stay warm.

Waterproof and Breathability Ratings

Mens snowboarding pants come with waterproof and breathability ratings to help you know how well they will stand up against the elements and alow you to be comfortable and dry while riding. When you click on a product, check the specs tab underneath the pants you have selected to see that waterproof and breathability ratings. The higher the number, the better the waterproofing and breathability of that particular pair of pants. As a snowboarder, you tend to spend a lot of time on your behind while strapping in and whatnot, so waterproof pants are very important to keep you dry and comfortable. By the same token, snowboarders tend to generate more heat and sweat because of all the getting up and down off the slope, so breathability in your snowboarding pants will also be important. A breathable pair of snowboarding pants will allow for the moisture you create to move away from your body to outside of your pants, keeping you dry and comfortable.


Your snowboard pants will take a beating while boarding, whether you’re a beginner or an expert snowboarder. This is why you want to look for durability in your pants. Many pants will have reinforced areas, like the seat and knees, where there is extra or more durable fabric lining these areas to ensure they do not wear out over time. This will allow you to use your snowboarding pants for years to come.


When it comes to features, snowboarding pants offer many different ones. Pick your features you want by determining what type of snowboarding you will be doing and what features benefit this type of snowboarding best. For instance, if you do more backcountry or powder riding, look for pants with boot gaiters to keep the snow out of your boots or a jacket to pants interface so you can connect your pants to your jacket and keep snow from riding up or down your pants. If you will be charging the hill with everything you’ve got, look for inner thigh vents to cool off. If you’re going to be walking around town or to your car in your pants, be sure to check for scuff guards or leg lift to roll up your pants and keep them from wearing out or getting dirty.

Here at we offer a huge selection of mens snowboarding pants at great prices. Find the right pair for your needs or contact our customer service team if you need any help!

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