Mens Snowboard Top Shopping Tips


When it comes to deciding what to wear while snowboarding, layering is your best option. But what do you wear between your base layer and outer layer? Answer: mens snowboarding tops. Typically, snowboarding tops are used a mid layer, between your long underwear and jacket to provide you with extra warmth. Snowboard tops can also be easily removed if you start to work up a sweat or as the weather gets warmer. Also, certain snowboarding tops can be used as an outer layer for those warm spring riding days.


Choosing a Weight


There are three main weights of snowboarding tops, lightweight, mid weight and heavy weight. Lightweight tops are obviously the thinnest and will allow for more breathability than heavier tops. Mid weight tops are a good choice for a variety of riding conditions, especially if you don’t know what weather you will be encountering. Heavy weight tops should be used to extreme conditions, like blizzards and super cold temperatures. If you are using a shell snowboard jacket, look for heavier tops to go underneath. Along with the weather and conditions you will be riding in, you will want to take into account how warm or cold you tend to get while snowboarding when choosing a mens snowboard top.


Types of Snowboarding Tops


There are many different types of mens snowboard tops available here at We offer styles such as performance tops, t-shirts, fleeces, hoodies and flannels. Deciding which types of mens snowboarding tops are right for you is mainly about personal preference. Be sure to find the right top to meet your needs. For instance, if you don’t want to wear a neck warmer or bandana, check out mens snowboard tops with a zip neck to give you that protection. Want something that you can wear during your shred session and to the bars after? Take a peek at our hoodies and flannels we have available, both stylish and practical.


While there are many different types of mens snowboard tops out there, using many different materials, try to stay away from cotton. Cotton will absorb your sweat but not wick it away from your skin, leaving you colder and more uncomfortable. If you do select a snowboard top with cotton, make sure you have a layer of clothing (preferably long underwear) between your skin and your cotton top that is made from a moisture wicking material.


Take a look through our selection of mens snowboard tops here at and pick the right one for your needs.


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