Mens Snowboard Sock Shopping Tips


When it comes to snowboarding, regular clothes simply will not suffice. This is especially true when it comes to socks. Mens snowboard socks are an important part of snowboarding apparel and should not be substituted of a pair of regular socks. Regular socks tend to bunch up and will create pressure points in your snowboard boots, leaving your feet uncomfortable after a long day of riding, while snowboarding socks will reduce this discomfort because they do not bunch up. Mens snowboard socks come in different weight to meet different needs. There are lightweight socks, mid weight socks and heavy weight socks. A common misconception of snowboard socks is that the thicker they are, the better and warmer they are. This is simply no longer true. Because of advances in snowboard clothing technology, even lightweight mens snowboarding socks can provide all the warmth you need for a day of riding. Also, snowboard boots are now built with more insulation, meaning you don’t need super thick socks anymore. Try and stick to lightweight or mid weight mens snowboard socks, unless you will be riding in extreme conditions.




There are various materials used in snowboarding socks. Some socks are made from polyester, nylon, acrylic, wool or (most commonly) a combination of these fabrics. Each of these fabrics have different perks. It should be noted that wool is the only natural fiber used in mens snowboard socks that naturally wicks away moisture. Merino wool is more commonly used in snowboarding socks due to its soft, non-itchy feeling.


Additional Features


Mens snowboard socks have additional features to look for when selecting the right ones for you. One important feature of snowboarding socks are anti-microbial abilities. This means that after a long day of shredding, you feet won’t smell like moldy cheese because these socks fight odor causing bacteria. Another feature included in mens snowboard socks are areas of padding to increase the comfort of the rider. Usually, areas such as the shin, ankle, heels and toes are padded. Many snowboarding socks have an articulated heel, which makes them easier to slide on and off along with arch support, meaning the socks have stretch panels along the arch of the foot for added support in the instep.


 Special Care


The last thing to remember once you have purchased your snowboard socks is that they require special care. DO NOT just throw them in the washer and dryer, the treatments or finishes used on these socks can wear off if they are put under high amount of heat in the dryer. Try washing them on a gentle cycle, turning the socks inside out before you put them in the washer as that’s where dirt and odor is collected. Then be sure to let your mens snowboard socks air dry for the best results.


Here at, we offer a variety of mens snowboard socks at great prices. Check out our selection today to find what you’re looking for.


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