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Snowboarding Protective Gear


All of us know what it feels like to bite it on the mountain, some more so than others. Bruised tailbones, scraped knees and elbows, broken or sprained wrists, and even back injuries are all a part of the game right? Well, this is where snowboard protective gear comes into the picture. While protective gear will not completely prevent these injuries, they can help to reduce them significantly. Snowboard protective gear can be had for great prices. A fully padded under pant costs around the same price as a helmet. How much would you pay for your health?


Wrist Guards


Wrist guards are the most common type of snowboard protective gear. Wrist guards often come with protective splints for the palm and backhand area that extend just past the wrist. Some glove models have integrated wrist guards that have either both palm and backhand splints, or just the palm or backhand splint. Stand-alone wrist guards fit inconspicuously under your gloves so no need to worry about having Mickey Mouse hands. Subtle snowboard protective gear is sometimes helpful.


Impact Shorts


Impact shorts are the second most popular form of protective gear. We snowboarders fall most on our tailbones and even break our wrists in the process. Having a pair of impact shorts that protect your tailbone is a pretty good idea with this in mind. Impact shorts at minimum provide tailbone protection, but most also come with thigh protection as well. There are even impact underpants that come fully padded including knee protection, making them a very valuable piece of snowboard protective gear. If you’re looking for the most protection, these protective underpants are the route to go. However, protective underpants are the more expensive option. Some impact shorts like the Burton R.E.D. variety look like boardshorts. So even if you decide to walk around in these shorts, no one will know they are padded, more sneaky snowboard protective gear.


Other Types of Snowboarding Protective Gear


Aside from the two major types of protective gear, there are others such as spine, kidney, knee, and elbow protection. Spinal snowboard protective gear will mostly be modular sections of hard impact material that you strap to your back underneath your jacket. They offer great protection for direct impacts to your back. Keep in mind that they do not protect from spinal compressions. Kidney protection also usually comes with modular hard impact material that you strap around your lower back section like a belt. Knee and elbow snowboard protective gear are just like the ones you see in the skate world. Just slide them on and get shredding with the right protective gear.


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