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Salomon Snowboards

Although Salomon has been around for decades, it wasn't until 1997 that they released their first snowboard. It was a simple snowboard back then with just a single-color top sheet. But in the 15 years plus since they ventured into snowboards, Salomon has created an empire with snowboards that are both versatile and technologically competitive.

Salomon snowboards have board profiles for everyone!

With various board profiles, Salomon has plenty to offer to accommodate the riders' tastes. Check out the Pres-Sure Rocker profile for forgiveness and fun everywhere on the mountain or the Cross Profile board for effortless float and switch as well as pop and landing stability when you're freestyling. You can also find Salomon snowboards with Super Flat profiles which offer a flat edge catch free technology or go for the good old tried and trued pure camber profile. No matter if you want rocker, no rocker or a little bit of rocker mixed with camber you can get it with a Salomon board.

The smooth ride of a Salomon snowboard

Salomon also boasts a variety of options to give your snowboard a smooth ride. For instance, the Shock Eraser Rails are lightweight, absorbs shock and has chatter control for when you're speeding down the mountain. Whether you're slaying rails or cruising groomers the bumps and vibrations can break your concentration or, worse, it can turn a good trick into nasty spill. With all their suspension technology Salomon rules when it comes to keeping you focused.

Going green with Salomon snowboards

Teaming up with pro riders, Salomon has designed their boards to be durable and reliable from the tip to the tail. They use many eco-friendly products so that the overall carbon footprint is minimized and so we can enjoy the snow for generations to come. The wood cores used for Salomon snowboards are all harvested out of selected sustainable wood to lighten the impact on the environment. Salomon has also started using Bamboo rods in their freestyle snowboards to ensure that the boards get the most pop possible while remaining eco friendly.

Salomon snowboard boots

Salomon does make great boards but they also have a strong following in the snowboard boot market. Salomon snowboard boots offer comfort and performance in a lightweight package with technology that will keep your feet happy while snowboarding. Salomon offers the "Killer Fit" foundation in their snowboard boots which is a combination of stitched engineered liners, durable shell construction and sure lock lacing systems. These 4 technologies are designed to work together to offer the greatest fit possible when wearing a Salomon snowboard boot. Don't get sick of ill fitting snowboard boots, remedy the situation with a quality Salomon snowboard today.

Salomon snowboard bindings

Need some new snowboard bindings and want some great performance with a superb fit and feel look no further, Salomon snowboard bindings have all that you are looking for. Salomon bindings are chock full of fresh snowboarding technology including micro adjustments for specified fit and extensive padding in both the bindings bottom for dampening but also in the straps to give a tight and comfy fit. Salomon also spends a lot of time coming up with their womens specific geometry to gain women a better fit with Salomon snowboard bindings.

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