Mens Snowboard Accessories


The men’s snowboard accessories you will find here are mainly things to keep your neck and face warm and a few options of wash for tech garments, wool and down. Let’s dive a bit deeper into describing these men’s snowboard accessories:


Men’s Snowboard Accessories – Balaclavas


Balaclavas offer a full head, nose, mouth and partial neck coverage. Balaclavas are popular to wear underneath a helmet as they typically offer a thin enough design to fit comfortably underneath the helmet with no determent to the rider. You will want to pay special attention to the design of the balaclava you are looking at as some double as a neck warmer if they come down far enough and some will require you to also wear a neck warmer to be fully protected from the elements.


Men’s Snowboard Accessories – Bandanas


Bandanas have been steadily growing in popularity over the years and now you really can’t look around the mountain without seeing people rocking them all over. Bandanas offer great protection from wind and will keep you warm but why are they so popular? Well, they look cool and are comfortable and not constricting while being worn. The bandanas that we sell are not just your typical red, white and western models as they have typically a fleece backing or some decent thickness to them to offer additional warmth. Check the bandanas description to see if the model offers a tie back or Velcro as most will offer a Velcro closure.


Men’s Snowboard Accessories – Face Masks


Face masks offer distinct coverage for your face with the intent to keep you warm in all the right places. Face masks differ from bandanas as they typically are more defined with less additional fabric. Face masks are a popular men’s snowboard accessory as you can easily wear them or let them slide down and cool off when things get too warm.


Men’s Snowboard Accessories – Neck Gaitor


Neck gaitors are the go to for most for keeping a warm neck on the mountain and have been around for a very long time. Neck gaitors come in a few styles from standard fleece covering to thinner windproof material so be sure to check out the specs to see exactly the material and style the neck gaitor you are looking at is.


Men’s Snowboard Accessories – Special Washes for Gear


As you most likely already know snowboard gear is made up of special materials that are breathable, wind resistant and waterproof or water resistant. The materials that are in these garments require a special wash to ensure all the special elements don’t get washed out. Check out all the different washes for different materials including wool, technical, down and more. Some washes will also restore lost properties of waterproofing and wind proofing.


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