Snowboard Footbed Shopping Tips


Why Use a Footbed?


The simple fact is that snowboard footbeds are a highly underrated piece of snowboarding gear. Think about it, how physically different are we from one another? Your feet are not the same as even your parents. Heck, your left foot is different from your right foot whether or not it appears that way. Put these facts into perspective and you should realize why snowboard footbeds make sense. Even universal footbeds will be leaps and bounds better than the stock footbeds you find in snowboard boots. Finding a good pair of snowboard footbeds could make the difference between taking extra laps and calling it a day prematurely. Face it, shredding with foot pain is not enjoyable.


What Will a Footbed Accomplish?


Snowboard footbeds come in several styles: custom, semi-custom, and universal. Custom footbeds come without any shape to them other than a crude outline of the foot and are completely customizable via heat molding and trimming to size. These are the top-of-the-line snowboard footbeds for the rider that wants total comfort and support. Custom footbeds are going to offer the best fit, comfort, and support but will cost more than the other types. Semi-custom snowboard footbeds are partially heat moldable and can be trimmed down to size. The benefit of semi-custom footbeds is that you do not need to go through the entire customizing process. These are great for riders that do not really need an exact fit and are only looking for some extra support. Semi-custom snowboard footbeds are also more affordable than fully custom models. The last type is universal snowboarding footbeds. Universal footbeds are completely pre-molded and cannot be heat molded. These are going to be the cheapest option for riders looking for something is just more comfortable than their stock snowboard footbeds.


When going with fully customizable snowboard footbeds, it is crucial that you find a good boot fitter. You also want to look out for how these footbeds are heated. Some are specific in that they require FlashFit which is a special heat molding machine. So make sure you check with your boot fitter. Other types can be inserted into the liner of your snowboard boot before you heat mold your liner. One brand, Zapz, offers a model that you can heat mold in the microwave oven. With the Zapz footbed, you are your own boot fitter.


Whatever snowboard footbed you choose is going to be better than the stock set in snowboard boots. Increasing your support and comfort with a snowboard footbed can greatly impact your riding in a positive way.


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