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The right snowboard gear can make or break your shred session. It is important that your snowboard boots, snowboard bindings and snowboard work together in unison to create an interface that suits your snowboarding style, your snowboard gear should reflect what kind of rider you are. Think about what kind of riding you do most and try to select gear to match. If you like to stay on the groomed runs more, find snowboard gear that caters to groomed snow, like cambered snowboards. If you like backcountry riding, make sure your snowboard gear is prepared to handle deeper snow and various terrain. And for you park riders out there, find snowboarding gear that will serve you well on jumps and rails, like softer more buttery snowboards.


Be sure that the snowboard bindings you select fit your snowboard and that your snowboard boots fit in the bindings when picking out your snowboard gear. For this reason, it may be easier for beginners to select a snowboard package that our team here at has put together your boots, bindings and board that are sure to create a smooth ride for you. Remember, the right size and fit are some of the most important factors when selecting snowboard gear.


When selecting your snowboard gear be sure to pick the right snowboard boots, snowboard bindings and snowboard for your needs. Snowboard boots are mainly about comfort so be sure they are the right fit for your foot with no pressure points. They should also keep your feet dry and warm while maximizing your performance. Do not make the mistake of selecting a snowboard boot that is too big for your feet because you think it feels more comfortable. Snowboard boots should fit your feet snuggly with little wiggle room, so that you can have maximum transfer of energy from your feet to your snowboard and ensure that your snowboard gear will response well to your movements.


Snowboard bindings are an important component of snowboard gear, and they come in many different styles and your riding style will help you determine which one is right for you. Consider what type of riding you tend to do and where you will be riding to find the right snowboard bindings. And finally your snowboard choice is possibly the most important choice you make when selecting snowboard gear. What’s important to remember here is to make sure your snowboard fits your skill level. A snowboard that is below your skill level will hinder your ability to progress while one that is above your skill level will make snowboarding a lot harder.


Check out our selection of snowboard gear here at and find some snowboard gear to let you shred the pow with confidence.


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