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Snowboard Goggle Shopping Tips


Your eyes are some of your most valuable assets on the slopes, and therefore should be properly protected with the right pair of snowboard goggles. Here at we realize that a large component of picking goggles are their style, which is fine, just make sure they offer the right fit and protection. To ensure the proper fit, be sure you try on your snowboarding goggles with your hat or helmet before hitting the slopes so you can return them if they do not fit right.


Fitting Goggles


If you are wearing a hat, your snowboard goggles should first and foremost feel comfortable on your face without any pressure points or slippage. You should also have full peripheral vision and a good seal between the goggles and your skin. When fitting snowboarding goggles to a helmet, be sure to put the straps of the goggles on the outside of the helmet and not the inside. If you put the straps of your snowboard goggles underneath the helmet you will alter the fit of the helmet and it will not be able to properly protect your head.


Choosing a Lens


Snowboarding goggles offer different color lenses to work best with different types of conditions and light. Before choosing your goggles, figure out what kind of conditions you will typically be riding in. Orange lenses on goggles are good all around lens for variable conditions. Rose, pink and yellow lenses are good for low light or night skiing. Amber lenses are good for partially sunny days. Red chrome or fire and green chrome lenses are great on very sunny days, but they will hinder your vision greatly in lower light conditions. Natural goggles lenses are also good for partly sunny to fully sunny days and provide the truest to color vision, therefore they are a better choice for long days on the slopes. Many snowboard goggles come with multiple lenses that are interchangeable, or if you want to purchase lenses separately, simply click on the option for replacement lenses on the left hand side under “Gender” to see what extra lenses we have available.


UV Protection


Make sure the snowboard goggles you select have UV light protection. UV light is very harmful to your eyes and at higher altitudes it can be even more harmful. Also check for anti-fogging technologies in your goggles. Most people tend to work up a sweat while shredding and without anti-fogging technologies, the inside of your snowboarding goggles will fog up making it very difficult to see the terrain you’re riding. Different goggles have different ways to avoid fogging, like vents to let moisture to escape, a double lens system that gives you an extra barrier to moisture, and anti-fog coatings directly on the lens. If your snowboarding goggles do have an anti-fogging coating on them be sure you never wipe the inside of your goggles and damage the coating.


Now that you know a bit about snowboard goggles, it’s time to get out there and pick a pair to protect your eyes during shred sessions.


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