Snowboard Kites


Have you ever heard of kite surfing? No? Whoa, where have you been living? Seriously though, kites can be used for snowboarding too! Yup, you can either call it snowkiting or kiteboarding. Snowboard kites are best utilized on an expanse of snow covered flat land or lakes. We highly suggest you take extreme precaution when using a snowboard kite on a mountain. Winds are highly unpredictable on mountains as well as the terrain. Basically put, don’t make your first snowkiting experience be on the mountain. Snowkiting can be tons of fun for your time off the mountain or early in the season when the resorts are not open yet, but there is snow on the ground. Heck, you might even end up wanting to split your time between snowkiting and snowboarding with the right snowboard kite.


Choosing the Right Snowboard Kite


There’s really not much science to choosing a snowboard kite. Even the higher end snowboard kite models can be used by beginners. The difference is the higher end snowboard kite models come with more features such as a bigger wind range (bigger kite) and higher depower capability. Depowering speed is important for getting air and landing as if you didn’t have a kite.


The one thing to consider is the material of the snowboard kite. Inflatable snowboard kites can also double for water use which can be something that benefits those of you that like water sports as well. Foil snowboard kites are the most ideal for snowboarding as they are very lightweight, fold easily, and depower quickly. Foils also tend to be more durable. The downside is that foil snowboard kites are more prone to folding in gusty winds due to a lack of a rigid frame.


Great, Let’s Go Snowkiting


Snowkiting is super fun to do on flat land, but they can be used for backcountry. This is when the advanced snowboard kites come in handy. The most rewarding thing about kiteboarding in the backcountry is the ability to snowboard uphill. Imagine a powder stash and you shredding it for hours as you go up and down the mountainside without ever getting off your snowboard. This is only possible with a snowboard kite. And after you’re done enjoying the snowboard kite, you can simply pack it up into the backpack and freeride your way back down. But again, this is an activity best left to advanced riders with backcountry experience. So make sure you get plenty of practice on flat land first with your snowboard kite!


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