Shopping Snowboard Leashes


Agree or disagree with em, a fact that remains is that we snowboarders are required to have a snowboard leash at most resorts. Don’t get caught without a leash and ruin your day. Leashes are very affordable and actually do have a real function. A leash is meant to keep the rider attached to the snowboard in the event that they double eject from their snowboard bindings. A leash connects from the binding to your boot or leg to save you from a runaway snowboard.


You might be wondering how it is even possible to double eject and thus why a snowboard leash is necessary. Well, it is super rare, but it does happen. But that’s not the reason why us riders are required to use a leash. You see, in the old days, snowboard equipment was not that reliable. In fact, the earliest snowboards didn’t even have attachments for bindings. The leash rule was born in these days when resorts were first opening their lifts to snowboarders. But to be honest, having a snowboard leash doesn’t hurt anything.


How to Install a Leash


Installing a leash is super easy. Leashes usually have a hook on one end and loop on the other. First of all, you have to attach the snowboard leash to your lead foot and binding or you are not going to have much fun when you need to skate around. Wrap the leash around the chassis of your binding and loop the hook end through the loop end. The hook end should then be attached to your boot. Hooking your leash to your laces is a good spot.


You can attach a snowboard leash around your ankle/shin area. With this kind of leash, you’re going to have a big loop with a clip on one end and the same small loop as other leashes on the other end. You can follow the same steps above with this type of snowboard leash, with the exception of the last one. Instead of attaching the leash to your laces, wrap the big hoop around the ankle or shin of your boot and clip it together. Although a leash that attachess around your leg rather than your boot is conspicuous, it allows you to completely step out of your bindings and walk with the snowboard leash. Well, as long as you’re holding the snowboard nearby while you walk that is. But you knew that.


You’re all set to shred now! Remember, snowboard leashes are not some expensive piece of snowboard gear. Don’t get your pass pulled over a few bucks, pick up a leash today.


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