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Snowboard Pocket Tools


Ah yes, snowboard tools. Pocket tools are an essential part of any snowboarder’s equipment. At the very least, you should have a pocket screwdriver. Unless you like getting caught in a situation without any snowboard pocket tools when you need it like trouble with a loose binding. There is more to snowboard tools than just a screw driver though. Some are full kits that come complete with tuning and waxing tools. Some even have irons! While not exactly pocket friendly, they are portable enough to bring to the mountain with you.


Snowboard Pocket Driver


No, this isn’t a little magical gnome that will drive you to the mountain so you can text on your smartphone. We are talking about a snowboard pocket screwdriver tool. Pocket drivers are great because they come with various screw heads and even a mini-wrench. This is definitely a snowboard pocket tool that every rider should have handy in their pocket. At any given moment, you might need to tighten the screws on your bindings. Being stuck at the top of a run with a loose binding is not an ideal situation so do yourself a favor and definitely get a pocket driver, one of the more important snowboard pocket tools.


Snowboard Edge Tools


If you’re a hardcore jibber, carrying a snowboard edge tool might be a good idea. Jibbing rails and boxes all day can do some work on your edges. Just take out your snowboard pocket tool when needed and give your edges a quick tune and get back to frontsiding that kink. An extra benefit is that you can use the same tool to tune the edges of a new snowboard. Two for one baby!


Snowboard Tuning Kits


Snowboard tuning kits are a great buy for riders that love to tune their snowboards themselves. Tuning kits usually come with a complete waxing set. Some even include mini-irons and the wax too! Snowboard waxing tools included are a scraper, wire brush or wire/nylon hybrid, and polish pad. Some kits will also toss in a pocket edge tuner, tuning stone, and Ptex to add to your snowboard pocket tools collection. Oh, they come in a carrying case so you can take your whole tune shop to the mountain with you.


Click here to see a quick waxing guide so that you know what the various snowboard pocket tools used in waxing are for:


There you go riders. Now you know a little something something about snowboard pocket tools. And knowing is half the panda. Thought we were going to say something else didn’t you?


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