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Snowboard Tuning and Wax Shopping Tips


Buying a snowboard is a long term purchase that will last you for years to come. But what happens when your board doesn’t have that new feeling to it when you ride? Don’t go right out and purchase a new one, look into some snowboard wax first! It’s true, it’s easier to just take your snowboard into your local shop and have it waxed for you, but if you’re looking to save a few bucks check out our selection of snowboard wax right here.


Some types of wax are temperature specific so your board can perform its best in different temperatures. Cold temperature snowboarding wax works better in cold and drier conditions while warm temperature snowboard wax is the opposite and works better on wet snow and warmer conditions. If you don’t know what type of conditions you will be riding in look for all temperature snowboard wax.


For those of you who are concerned with being environmentally friendly, we offer eco-friendly snowboard wax. This type of wax is typically made from soy and many are completely biodegradable. This is a good option for you if you are looking to wax your snowboard indoors and are concerned with chemical wax getting on your stuff. The only downside here is that eco-friendly snowboard wax tends to be harder to scrape off, so try to scrape while the wax is still warm. For those of you not looking to iron on your wax or are harder pressed for time, check out rub on wax. If you ride religiously during the winter season, this may not be the right wax for you. But, if you only take your board out a few times per year, rub on snowboard wax will work just fine. Rub on wax is also great for touch ups between hot waxes. Most rub on wax comes with a cork to remove the wax, no ironing needed.


Two more types of snowboard wax are hydrocarbon and fluorinated. Hydrocarbon snowboard wax is usually used in recreational waxes and is very economical. Fluorinated snowboard wax is more expensive, but it also tends to make your snowboard go faster. We should also note here that fluorinated wax can be highly toxic, so make sure you wax your snowboard in a ventilated area or outdoors so you don’t inhale the fumes.


Get ready for the season with some snowboard wax and a tuning kit to tweak your board so it can perform at its best. Here at we offer a wide selection of tuning kits, tools and wax for your convenience.


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