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Snowboard Pants

Snowboard Pants will be one of the most important pieces of clothing that you put on when heading out onto the mountain. This and the snowboard jacket are your main shield against the wicked weather that winter wants to throw your way. But there is more than one kind of snowboard pants to choose from and some may be more enticing and beneficial than others. So, whether you’re a man, woman or child, here are some things to consider as you scroll through the Snowboard Pants pages.

One of the first questions to ask yourself is if you want insulated snowboard pants or shell snowboard Pants. An insulated Snowboard Pant will provide extra warmth and trap the heat inside to better keep you comfortable. They are ideal for the very cold weather and nighttime snowboarding when the temperatures are low.

A shell Snowboard Pant can still be warm and comfortable but the insulation part is all on you. If it’s a late season day when the sun’s out and you’re more liable to sweat then the shell Snowboard Pants are the way to go. The benefit of a shell is your ability to add layers. One day it’s 40 and sunny and you have on your shell pants. The next day is 5 degrees and you can wear base and mid-layers to help keep the heat.

Waterproof and breathability are big factors when determining which pair of snowboard pants you want to purchase. If you’re on your knees or your butt, you’ll be allowing moisture and precipitation onto the pants with the chance for it to seep inside. The higher the number of the waterproof rating the more waterproof the snowboard pants are and the more likely the wintry elements won’t find their way inside. For breathability the same holds true with the higher the number the more breathable the snowboard pants meaning moisture has a greater chance from escaping so you can remain dry and warm.

When it comes to womens snowboard pants you’ll still want to pay attention to the above but know that womens snowboard pants are often a little more form fitting to accommodate a woman’s figure.

For kids snowboard pants the above applies as well. The styles will differ though and there will be features to make them more kid-friendly or have additional padding of scuff guards since they may have a tendency to fall a little bit more.

The snowboard pants category pages on offer a wide variety of pants to choose from. Check out the different styles and match up the features that are important to you. Features such as thigh vents, waist and scuff guards to help maintain the durability of these pants are worth paying attention to as you venture through our snowboard pants.

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