Burton Snowboards

Burton snowboards, founded by Jake Burton in 1977, has been an absolute top name in the sport of snowboarding since its inception. Based originally out of Manchester, Vermont Burton was originally inspired by the snurfer and made the first Burton snowboard by modifying a snurfer. Working in his garage Jake Burton couldn’t afford proper equipment and made the original Burton snowboards applying polyurethane while wearing a scuba mask. After seeing slight growth Burton was able to hire a few workers and in the first couple of years only 4-5 employees sold, shaped and repaired all Burton snowboards.Read More


Since Burton snowboards humble beginning big things have happened for the company. Now Burton has expanded to feature a european division of the brand in Innsbruck, Austria as well as a Japan division in Urawa-shi. Burton also started distributing its product in New Zealand in 1986 and in 1992 they moved their main factory to Burlington, Vermont. Overall the company has grown with the times and as snowboarding became more popular Burton snowboards also grew in popularity and demand and Burton has kept up with this demand over the years.

Burton has had a large role in getting resorts to open their lifts to snowboarders with Jake Burton campaigning local resorts in Vermont. Albeit controversial, Burton snowboard has also held contests named “power to the poachers” where entries are compiled with videos of snowboarders taking on skiing only resorts. The contest which was also known as the “Poach for Freedom” challenge had Jake Burton offering up $5,000 for the best entry from, at the time, the four ski only resorts.

Getting people into snowboarding is one of Burton’s main passions and Burton snowboards has sponsored many programs to help grow snowboarding. One such program is Burton’s Learn to Ride (LTR) program. The goal of the Learn to Ride program is to make the learning experience the easiest and most stress free as possible. Burton snowboards began focusing on beginner level boards and equipment offering up easy to learn on boards to ensure the learning process was as smooth as possible. Burton also teamed up with the American Association of Snowboard Instructors, the Canadian Association of Snowboard Instructors, and many resorts all over the globe.

Another fantastic program founded by Burton snowboards is the Chill program. Like the Learn to Ride program the Chill program is aimed at getting more people snowboarding. The Chill program is aimed at getting youth, specifically inner city youth, out snowboarding. The Chill program has Burton snowboards working hand in hand with inner city youth programs taking children to local mountains and teaching them to snowboard over a 6 week period. Burton provides all the equipment the kids need as well lift tickets and instruction. Over the years the Burton Chill program has helped thousands of kids get out snowboarding.

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