Snowskate Shopping Tips


The birth of snowskates can be traced all the way back to the snurfer circa 1960’s. After all, snurfers did not have bindings, just like snowskates. Fast forward to now and the best way to describe snowskates is to call it a skateboard built for snow. Snowskates were originally intended to provide skaters with a way to get across town during snowstorms. Then it quickly became a way for pow enthusiasts to surf the fluffy stuff with the freedom of unattached feet. These days, riders just plain shred on snowskates. Snowskates are used for playing, riding and carving in the snow. Having a background in snowboarding and skateboarding will help you pick up snowskating much quicker. Seeing a kick flip on the snow is a wild sight to say the least.


The main difference between snowskates and skateboards is what the snowskate is made out of. Most skateboards are made from wood. But snowskates are made from hard plastic or carbon fiber to they can endure the moisture of snow. These constructions also allow snowskates to be lightweight but durable while riding.


Types of Snowskates


Bi-Level Snowskates: If you’re planning on taking your snowskates to your local mountain, bi-level snowskates are going to be required since the lower portion will have metal edges. Think of it as a skateboard deck with a mini snowboard attached underneath in place of trucks and wheels. Bi-Level snowskates are also constructed with wood like a real skateboard or snowboard along with a P-Tex base like a snowboard. Some Bi-Level snowskates will give you the option to detach the base so you can just mess around on the deck around your neighborhood.


Deck Only Snowskates: If you want a snowskate to just mess around with in your backyard or around the neighborhood, a deck only snowskates are your best option. Most snowskate decks are made from durable plastics, but some do come with wood construction and P-Tex bases. Even if you’re already a snowboarder, snowskate decks are a great way to have fun during your downtime off the mountains.


What Shoes Should I Wear with Snowskates?


Simple my friend, simple. If you’re going to mess around on snowskates, just use your normal skate shoes. If you don’t mind getting them wet of course. Water-resistant skate shoes do exist, so hunt some down if you feel up to task. If you’re planning on riding a Bi-Level snowskate on the mountain, you’re going to need snowboard boots. Otherwise, good luck with the lifties and patrolies in your skate shoes.


Come on, you know you want to give it a try!


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