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Stomp Pad Shopping Tips


Snowboards tend to get slippery thanks to the slick topsheets and the snow under your boot. This means some of us will take a few spills getting off the lift. The best way to solve this issue is to invest in a stomp pad. Stomp pads come in a wide variety of designs and constructions. Some of these pads are made from urethane, others are made from metal in the form of studs. Whatever the design, rest assured that all stomp pads have one purpose: to keep you off your face while exiting a chairlift.


Stomp pads are especially important for beginners. Those first few trips off the chairlift can be nerve racking, but with stomp pads, this experience can be a much easier one. Stomp pads will allow you to put your foot on something with a little traction to be able to stand off the lift and cruise down the unload area so you can strap in. These pads can be a life saver in these situations.


Types of Stomp Pads


Most of the stomp pads will be made from a single, larger soft grippy material like urethane. These pads are simple and come with a variety of pre-shaped designs and art. The other type of stomp pads is studs which are usually metal. Studs can be placed on the board in the order of your choosing for use as a stomp pad.


How to Install Stomp Pads


Installation of stomp pads is very easy. They are basically fancy stickers except with a more powerful sticky thing. Make sure the area where you plan to stick the stomp pad is clean and warm. Warm meaning room temperature rather than “I just rode this in knee deep” cold. The best way to find the position you want is to mount your bindings first. Now lace up your boots and strap your leading foot in the board. Next, place the stomp pad with the adhesive still covered onto the middle of the board towards the binding of the free foot. Check to see if this position is optimal or adjust these stomp pads accordingly. Once you have decided on a good spot, get off your board, take off the adhesive cover on the back of the stomp pad, and place it on the spot you chose. Firmly press down on the stomp pad to make sure the adhesive is completely applied to the surface of your board. Let the stomp pad sit on your board for a few hours and you’re done.



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