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Whether you are driving to the mountain or on the mountain, sunglasses can play a huge factor in the way you visually see. Not just see, but are able to read the terrain, spot your landings and avoid collisions. Every sport and activity requires appropriate sunglasses, frames and lenses to optimize your experience. Selecting the correct sunglasses will help to deliver cutting edge technology that works to ensure the highest level of protection and performance for an active lifestyle. Major sunglass companies like Oakley, Dragon, Electric and Arnette all have multiple frame and lens selections to choose from. But not all sunglasses are going to fit the same, so you want to make sure you know what you are looking for. Everyone face is different; some of us have longer faces some of us have round faces. All of these factors come into play when deciding what kind of sunglass is best for you. The most important part of selecting a pair of sunglasses is to decide what you are going to be using them primarily for.


The frame is going to play a major role in how a pair of sunglasses are going to fit on your face. There are three main frame materials; nylon, metal and acetate. Nylon frames are most common and are the most durable. Nylon also allows manufactures to create unique color ways and signature designs. Once you have selected your frame, now its time for your lens. If you find yourself snowboarding with sunglasses on you’re going to want to have a polycarbonate lens. These lenses are impact resistant and shatterproof so your eyes will stay safe and protected.


The lens of the frame is going to play the biggest role in term of how you see the slopes. Certain companies apply a mirror coating on the lens which is going to help reduce the glare coming off the snow in thier sunglasses. A polarized lens is going to eliminate the glare greatly making the terrain more visible and your day more enjoyable. Different lens colors are also going to play a role in how you see the mountain. A sunglass with grey lenses (most common) reduces light intensity without disrupting contrast or distorting colors. A sunglass with red, yellow and orange lenses are perfect for snow sports but only on overcast days. A brown or bronze lens is going to increase contrast while riding.


Remember that function and fashion go hand-in-hand so you always want to make sure you are selecting your sunglasses on when you are primarily going to using them. Make sure you select a frame that fits your face with a lens that is going to complement the conditions you are in. Here at we want to make sure you have just as much fun on the slopes as we do when we ride with the perfect pair of sunglasses.


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