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Womens Snowboard Glove Shopping Tips


When it comes to a long day of snowboarding, it’s not uncommon for your hands and fingers to become cold first. This is why it’s so important to select the right pair of womens snowboard gloves. A good pair of gloves can make or break your day of riding. Keep in mind a key difference between womens ski gloves and womens snowboard gloves are that snowboarders tend to have their hands in the snow more often, especially when getting up and down from sitting.


Two of the main factors to consider when purchasing womens snowboarding gloves are waterproofing and breathability. Without these capabilities your gloves will get wet and stay wet for the rest of the day, so make sure the snowboarding gloves you choose are waterproof and breathable. Check the materials used in your snowboarding gloves, keeping in mind that the more expensive options tend to be made with better materials, will last longer and are almost always guaranteed to be waterproof and breathable. Checking for breathability is very important. Womens snowboarding gloves that are not breathable will cause your hands to sweat and the inside of your gloves to become wet, resulting in uncomfortably cold hands.


When it comes to insulation, weather conditions and natural body temperature come into play. The amount and type of insulation you will need for your snowboarding gloves will depend on how cold the conditions are and how cold your hands tend to get while riding in those conditions. There are womens snowboarding gloves made especially for spring conditions with little to no insulation and there are gloves with high tech insulation made for the most frigid of days.


Another feature of womens snowboarding gloves to consider is cuff length. Most womens snowboard gloves come in one of two cuff lengths, either long or short. Short cuffs are made to go under your snowboard jacket, while long cuffs are made to go over the cuffs of your jacket. In general, long cuffs work to keep unwanted snow out and are ideal for backcountry riding where deep snow is likely encountered. Womens snowboarding gloves with shorter cuffs are better for park and pipe riding as they allow for better wrist mobility and fit nicely under the cuff of your jacket. If your fingers have a tendency to go numb while riding from the cold, it may be a better idea to check out a pair of womens snowboard mittens instead of gloves. Womens snowboard mittens will keep your fingers warmer because they share a compartment inside which creates one big heat pocket instead of separate compartments for each finger. The only drawback to mittens is you do lose some mobility with your hands. Deciding whether gloves or mittens are a better choice for you is mostly up to personal preference.


The last thing to consider when choosing a pair of gloves are the extra features some gloves offer. There are womens snowboard gloves with zippered pockets on them, some with grips or reinforcement areas for the places that receive the most wear and tear, and even soft nose wipe areas for the drippy nose you tend to get while snowboarding. So check out our selection of womens snowboard gloves here at and find the right fit for all your needs.


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