Womens Snowboard Accessory Shopping Tips


Here at, we realize it can be a daunting task to make sure your have everything you need for your next snowboard excursion. Between your snowboard gear and snowboard clothing, it’s easy to overlook something. Some things that many people often forget about are womens snowboard accessories. Although it may seem like womens snowboard accessories are superfluous, they can in fact save the day when conditions turn snowy and cold. This is why we offer a variety of womens snowboard accessories to help protect your face and neck while riding.


Types of Accessories


Balaclava: This type of womens snowboard accessories is best for extreme cold or snow. It will protect your face, neck and head from the elements. There are also many different ways to wear a balaclava, and it can be catered to your needs for the day. If the morning starts out cold you can wear your balaclava over everything but your eyes, but as the day goes on and it gets warmer you can rearrange these womens snowboard accessories to show your whole face or just as a neck warmer.


Neck Gaiter: Neck Gaiters or neck warmers are another traditional piece of womens snowboard accessories. As the name suggests, neck gaiters are made to protect your neck from the excess cold that isn’t covered fully by zipping up your jacket. They are also good for pulling up over your mouth and nose to protect your face while riding. Neck warmers or neck gaiters are typically made from some sort of fleece or polyester blend to hold in body heat, but typically are not very waterproof.


Face Mask: Face Masks are another type of womens snowboard accessories that do what their name suggests, protect your face. Face masks can come in many forms, either as a standalone to be used in conjunction with other womens snowboard accessories, as part of a balaclava for added protection, or as part of a bandana. In any form, face masks typically have some water and windproofing abilities, along with holes in them to make breathing easier while wearing them.


Bandana: As time goes on, so do trends and style. In more recent times, bandanas have popped up as stylish womens snowboard accessories, used to replace neck gaiters or face masks. While bandanas are traditionally cotton, thin and not very useful for snowboarding, as they became popular in the snowboard world, they have evolved into useful pieces of womens snowboard accessories. Now many bandanas come with with waterproof and windproof outer shells with fleece on the inside for comfort and warmth. Some even incorporate face masks into them, making them actually quite technical.


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