301 offers a very large selection of women’s snowboarding pants in different styles, cuts, materials and more. So, just how exactly are you supposed to best select a pair of women’s snowboard pants when there are so many to choose from? Here we are going to go over some of the main differences in these pants and how you can use our website to narrow down and easily shop these pants to ensure you are making the best selection possible.

Shopping by Brand, Color and Size

If you look to the left side of the page you will see a bunch of refinement boxes where you can select several different refinements to narrow down your search. The first couple of boxes are brand, color and size. These are going to be the most commonly used refinements when shopping women’s snowboard pants. You can easily select a certain brand, color or size of pant you are looking for. If you know you take snowboard pants in a size medium than you can simply select medium in the size refinement box and the page will refresh only showing pants in the size medium. Same with brand and color, making these selections will refresh the page to show these specifics. These refinements work great if you are shopping women’s snowboard pants as a gift as you can easily search for a certain color or brand making your choice easier.

Shopping by Type, Technology and Features

Depending on the level of snowboarding you plan on doing, how often you are going and the climate of where you snowboard you will need differing snowboard pants. With so many women’s snowboard pants to select from it’s nice to be able to narrow down your selection by type of pants, technology used in the pants and features found on the pants.


There are a few main types of women’s snowboarding pants you will encounter; these types are insulated, shell or a combination of insulated and shell. Insulated pants are the most common and will keep you the warmest, shell snowboard pants offer a thin and lightweight design but will require more layering beneath them on colder days. A combination women’s snowboard pant, often called a 3 in 1 will offer a shell outer with a removable shell inner. These combination pants are the least common but can be great for those in a varying climate.


There are two main technologies to pay attention to when shopping women’s snowboard pants; those technologies are waterproofing and breathability. You can search pants narrowed down by this technology so you know you are getting pants that are up to your standards.


Shopping for women’s pants with a certain feature has never been easier; on the left of the page in the refinements you will find refinements for suspenders, number of pockets, thigh zip venting and more. If you are looking for pants with a certain feature be sure to spend some time checking these features.

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