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Womens Snowboard Clothing Shopping Tips


Snowboarding is an extreme sport that tends to take place in extreme conditions. This is why the right womens snowboard clothing is so important to your snowboarding experience. Here at, we offer a variety of womens snowboard clothing, from snowboard jackets and pants to gloves and hats. Although it may seem as though your regular clothes would suffice for snowboarding, this is not the case. Womens snowboarding clothing is made especially for snowboarding because they not only keep you warmer but also keep you dry and comfortable through wicking properties, waterproof systems and breathability. A rule of thumb to go by when selecting womens snowboard clothing is not to wear cotton because it absorbs water and stays wet, weighing you down and making you cold.


Layering for Comfort and Warmth


Layering is important when it comes to snowboarding. When you ride, your body creates a lot of heat, making you warmer and warmer as the day goes on. This is why layering womens snowboard clothing is important, you can take off extra womens snowboard clothing layers as you get warmer and then put them back on if you catch a chill. Typically a three layer system is best for womens snowboard clothing, with a base layer, a mid layer and outer layer. Your womens snowboard base layer should be some sort of long underwear that fits snug and wicks away moisture to keep you dry. A womens snowboard mid layer can range from hoodies and sweaters to fleeces and vests, the type of womens snowboard mid layer you need will depend on the weather you will be riding in and how cold you tend to get while riding. Last, your womens snowboard outer layer is your snowboard jacket and pants and you will want to make sure your outer layer is breathable yet waterproof. And don’t forget your womens snowboard accessories like a hat, gloves, mittens, socks and a neck gaiter or face mask.


Finding the Correct Fit


Be sure that your womens snowboard clothing is the right fit for your body. Snowboard clothing that is too small will be very uncomfortable and hinder your mobility. On the other hand, if your womens snowboard clothing is too big, it will release too much body heat and not keep you warm enough. When you get your womens snowboard clothing, make sure you try it all on together to make sure all layers mesh well together. If you try on your womens snowboard jacket or pants without having a base layer and mid layer on underneath, you will not know how your womens snowboard jacket or patns actually fits as when you are snowboarding.


So check out what we have in stock for womens snowboard clothing and find the right outfit for your needs.


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