Womens Snowboard Sock Shopping Tips


It may seem like any old pair of socks will do for snowboarding, but this is not the case. Womens snowboard socks are made especially for snowboarding, giving you extra benefits like comfort and warmth while riding. These socks are made with snowboarding in mind, so you know they are going to suit you better than any regular socks.


There are a variety of materials womens snowboarding socks can be made from. Just to name a few there’s acrylic, lycra, nylon, polyester, silk and wool womens snowboard socks. Each fabric has various ups and downs to it, so be sure to check your socks for what type of fabric they are made from. It tends to be that the majority of womens snowboarding socks are made from a blend of materials. One thing to remember here is to steer clear of cotton. Cotton socks will absorb sweat and not dry out, so your feet will get colder and be more uncomfortable.


Womens snowboard socks include many features to make snowboarding more comfortable for your feet. Most socks have some sort of anti microbial properties to keep foot odor under control after a long day of boarding. Womens snowboard socks also have arch support and articulated heels so that they are more comfortable to wear while riding and will give you extra support throughout the day. There are also womens snowboarding socks that include padding, or thicker panels along the shins and underfoot to cushion your feet from impacts while snowboarding. And to make sure your socks don’t wear out, look for a reinforced toe and heel, which uses added layer of material in the areas that get the most wear to protect your socks from wearing out or getting holes.


A common misconception about womens snowboard socks are that the thicker the socks, the warmer and better they are. This is simply no longer true. Womens snowboarding socks have become thinner overtime because they are made with more high tech materials, and they no longer need the extra weight for added warmth. Also, it tends to be the snowboard boots job to create more warmth for your feet while boarding. That being said, womens snowboard socks do still come in various weight, typically lightweight, mid weight, and heavy weight. Choose your weight depending on the conditions you will be riding in and how cold your feet get while riding. Try to stay away from heavy weight womens snowboard socks unless you’re riding in extreme conditions, and keep in mind that lightweight socks offer the best breathability and moisture wicking properties.


One last thing to remember when purchasing womens snowboard socks is that they require special care when it comes to washing them. Make sure to wash your socks on a gentle cycle and let them air dry, as the high heat from a dryer can damage the fibers and remove the finished on them. Check out our selection of womens snowboarding socks and find the right pair for your needs.


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